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Sex segregation in public schools is different from racial segregation. It mainly involves discriminating one type of sex. Females could be discriminated by males in the same environment that they live in. Sexism is the main driver of low self-esteem. Those that are segregated feel very unwanted and withdraw from the others. On major incident of sex segregation could involve men not allowing women to participate in some activities.

Racial segregation involves discriminating a certain race and favoring another. It happens mainly out of one race not having any respectful regard to the other. The whites could segregate the blacks. It may happen when one race sees the other as their inferior and uses them as subordinates.

However, both racism and sexism could go hand in hand. A certain sex could be discriminated simply because they are of s certain gender. This is an advanced level of segregation and can be so upsetting for the affected individuals.

Gender Typing and Gender Schema

Gender typing is majorly a process of realizing ones gender and behaving according to what that kind of a gender should behave like. It is very vital for a childs personality growth since it largely impacts a childs understanding of the expected social behavior. Additionally, it impacts the social judgements. Personality changes once an individual begins to realize their gender roles. They begin to behave differently from the way they had been.

Gender typing could lead to a certain individual beginning to grow a stronger personality they had. Self-realization is usually the stepping stone to growing ones personality. Gender schema and gender typing seem to go hand in hand. It gives a standard for a certain consistent behavior in a certain scenario. This also impacts the personality growth of individuals. They grow a perception that is aligned towards the perception they build.

Gender specific roles are realized during the process of gender typing. This vitally impacts the growth of the individuals personality. Individuals grow their personality based on the roles they engage in. Personality development is evidently related to gender typing and schema.

Blaming people for certain illnesses and weaknesses

Societies have developed an attitude of blaming particular individuals for various illnesses and weaknesses. The society grows with certain perceptions about the individuals. It portrays a society that is discriminative. Individuals are segregated upon being the talk of the society. Their self-esteem is negatively affected.

Most societies are a great contribution to individuals feeling unwanted. When they speak badly about people speaking about their illnesses and weaknesses it gradually grows a type of segregation. Members of the society try to avoid the people who have certain perceived illnesses and weaknesses. The individuals are usually negatively affected when they realize that they are the topic in the community. In extreme cases, the victims may end up committing suicide. The society grows with a negative perception towards the individuals.

Individuals that grow in such societies tend to grow behaviors that are segregation-oriented. The segregation they learn from ill talking and blaming of particular individuals gradually grows into their social life. They can come up with very irrelevant reasons to discriminate other people in their life.

Sick Roles and Cognitive factors

We are most likely to feel pain in the event that we are physically injured or are suffering from a certain disease. However, individual develop a sick role mentality out of caring too much about their health status. It may also come up out of their own perception that they get ill often.

The main cognitive factor that an individual has is self-recognition. Once an individual has known their state in all ways, they get to know their health. They realize their health weaknesses and seem to accept it. They are most likely to decide that their body is not functioning well when they do not feel good they accept it and even tell to other people in their lives. Taking sick role requires great self-acceptance. One accepts their state and is ready to talk about it to their friends.

Sick roles however have a certain impact on their individuals. Despite that they have a strong self-acceptance, they still may feel bad about how people may perceive them in the society accepting that they have an illness, however, saves them the task of trying to not accept their health status.

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