Research Paper on the Increase in Burglary and Innovative and Non-obvious Solutions to It

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Research paper
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1. To develop expertise quickly on an issue that is broad in scope and complicated in nature.

Most homes have been affected by burglars, and the increase in burglary is making home ownership difficult. Just like offices that use chip cards and biometric sensors for security. Homeowners can improve the safety of their assets by installing biometric detectors in their homes and integrating the sensors in all innovative technologies inside the house such as TV, cookers and fridge and bed. The home users and their authorized personnel can access the homes and use the devices therein by each having a copy of stored biometric which they can carry in their pocket. Each home user is given a copy of the disk with the biometric readings of the yoga home user, and the user can revoke membership and access rights of any visitor from his smartphone. Such measures are efficient since it highly reduces the chance of burglary since they have to authorize their identity to get access to the homes.

2. To uncover hidden needs and profound insights that give a unique perspective on the problem.

Chip technologies can be fallible and are no longer enough to secure the property.

Thieves are using the smart and digital devices to break into homes.

The only secure technology is the biometric system that a transducer that can convert any biometric treat into a digital sign that can be read.

Biometric sensors enabled only one person can access devices.

The problems, if the individual is unable to come to the house or in the event of an emergency, can a biometric sensors information such as pressure, temperature and speed of light be stores in disks that can be swiped by other house members to access the building.

3. To reframe the problem into a bright, actionable point of view statement that will inspire innovative and non-obvious solutions.

User Need Statement

In an insecure area, can a homeowner have a single disk with biometric information that can be used to access all devices within the home and can be copied to all authorized home users? Username application as a server can be installed on several home devices with 24/7 monitoring, air-conditioning and UPS. Homeowners of this system are advantaged since the application system runs in hand devices which are applicable even when users move from one place to another. Such measures enable people to get what they desire to achieve in a short period thus achieving their policy intent. User needs tend to be efficient since it is cost less and use little time on getting problems done, the service always satisfies the user and get the right outcome for them.

POV statement:

How can biometric data be stored in a disk and distributed to selected house members and can use near field communication (NFC) to operate all devices remotely? Biometric data can be stored in hardware devices such as disk since they are in a magnetic and optic state which enables storing information by use of binary codes and polar alignments which are significant when the data is altered or deleted. Using near field communication is used to help secure exchange of information while on the go. NFC which is a short-range communication ensure there is secure communication with other nearby NFC related devices. NFC always allows connection by presenting all available options on the screen for the homeowners to correctly identify the right NFC username. It is even possible for a dozen of NFC-related devices to occupy the same compound with no access to password set for NFC communication thus nobody would risk running any unauthorized data using NFC.


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