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We are currently living in a world that recognizes males efforts more than the women in the society. Women have faced a difficult time in their journey to make it. This is because they have been largely discriminated both and domestically and sexually. Therefore, due to this situation, many governmental and non-governmental organizations and movements have risen to promote and empower the dreams and visions of the women in the society. Therefore, women have the ideal right to get educated and hence expressing themselves and their ideas in the society.

It is true that men and women have equal rights in playing roles in the society (Revised admissions policies resolve discrimination complaints 11). This is because women have been seen even taking men responsibilities. Therefore, both governmental and non-governmental organizations have played a major role in empowering women through education and assisting them to prosper even in their little businesses. This is also has included micro-financing them and offering health care to them. According to Cavanagh and Fisher (200-214), several non-governmental organizations have engaged themselves in supporting the welfare of young women by offering them simple training and boosting them to start businesses to assist themselves in the society in the male dominated world.

Therefore, many women have been able to generate income since they have been provided and equipped with development skills and offered micro-financial benefits. Several organizations such as African Women Empowerment Guild (AWEG) have also taken part in mobilizing women to taking part in the national politics (Carpenter). This has been achieved through holding seminars and workshops to sensitize young women. These workshops and seminars have played a vital role in offering important skills which have largely assisted these young women in meeting their day to day activities. This issue of women empowerment has contributed to the development of nations (Richie). This has led to greater progress in the national development.

According to Cavanagh and Fisher (200-214), it is evident that in the nations where women are not empowered, there are increased incidences of poverty and illiteracy since one gender, that is the males is specialized to be educated leaving the young women with little or no skills. Women have acted as the sole factor of any nation to develop in various aspects such as Agriculture; how rather food security and the level of education and hence improving both the current and the future generation. They also assist in the development of the economy of the concerned nation. Giving support to women has also broken the over growing poverty and therefore reducing the extension of shanties in the cities. This shows that the development procedures and schedules should involve the women of the society. It is through everyones empowerment that a nation grows, and this will be fully achieved when everyone in the society is equal to the other regarding education skills and resources allocation. In our case, it is also important o recognize women and their contributions to the society. It is also important for the government to support the women organizations to make sure that they assist the women of the nation fully and hence achieving a generation of full gender equality and resource allocation.



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