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Which is the companys market niche and the customer demographic details?

Answer: The Companys main market is organizations and institutions that use computer and computer services. It also sells personal computers to individuals. Mostly, the people who buy PCs are the business men and women who either do online transactions or need to carry out some business assignments at home. Also, students are common customers especially for laptops. The demographic details for our customers therefore cut across different ages and professional backgrounds. Therefore, the website style should be able to attract the diverse customer base. The design should be appealing to people of all age sets and different occupations. Additionally, the company sells customized computers for PC gaming. These are mostly used by the youths. The website design should therefore be accommodative to this market niche.

How many products should be featured in the mail-order catalogue?

Answer: Currently, the company deals with computer hardware and customized computers for PC gaming. It also sells computer accessories. The catalogue should list all these products. Basically, it should feature the main products which include computer desktops, laptops, gaming PCs and the various accessories. In total, the list should include approximately ten to fifteen different products.

Should the catalogue be designed such that the customer can change text and images?

Answer: For purposes of convenience and consistency, only the business owner should be able to change the text and images on the catalogue. This will ensure that there is consistency and uniformity of the content in all catalogues.

What are the features of the custom- built gamming computers? Which themes are to be applied?

Answer: The gaming PCs should have a good graphic card, a high speed processor, about 4GB RAM and an internal hard disk of not less than 500GB. Any other custom features will be added as per the customers specifications.

Would you like the mail-order catalogue to include payment options?

Answer: No. However, these options will be included in the website since it will allow for online shopping.

What is the projected budget for the project?

Answer: The company is trying as much as possible to limit the budget since it does not sufficient funds. For this project, the budget is expected to be within $150.

When would you like the project to be completed?

Answer: I would like this project to be complete within the next one month.


What data collection tools have you used?

The data collection tools used in this case is interviews, questionnaires and survey. I also used observation methods to ascertain some of the responses.

What are the functional and non-functional data have you gathered?

The functional data gathered was the customers demographics and their influence on PC gaming theme. Non functional data gathered was features of the mail-order catalogue.

What technology do they currently use?

The technology that the company currently uses is survey money.


Are the requirements specifications within the scope of the project?


Quality assurance practices required when determining the requirements

Failure testing; tests carried out to determine the possible failures of the project so that they can be corrected in advance.

Statistical control; under this, an analysis of subjective and objective data in order to identify quality data that would be effective for the project was carried out.

Total quality management; this was a control measure aimed at ensuring that the entire project meets all the expectations.

Business operation process from data gathered

The business operation process from data gathered involve development of an online platform that will give the business an online presence where mail-order catalogues can be sent. It would attract more customers to the company.

Business critical functions

The critical business function is development of the website that will attract many customers. This should be given high priority.

Single use case scenario for indentified business operation

The main objective is to have a website that will give the business an online presence. Therefore, the single use case scenario will be beginning of the website without having to create the mail-order catalogue first.

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