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Training is an essential element in an ergonomics process and there is a need for it to be conducted in a language and vocabulary that all the workers can easily understand. Additionally, training needs to be done by those that have experience in the ergonomic processes in specific industries. Training has various advantages in that it helps workers to learn principles of ergonomics and how they are applied, learn how to use machine, tools and equipment properly, enables all workers to use work practices in the right manner, and be aware of work tasks that might lead to pain or injury. Additionally, some benefits of training are that it helps workers to identify early symptoms of MSDs, acknowledge the importance or reporting early symptoms or indications of MSDs before they degenerate into serious conditions, and know procedures that to use to report work-related illnesses and injuries.

There are specific ways of handling and using tools, machine and equipment to reduce cases of accidents or injuries, and they include engineering controls, administrative and work practice controls, and finally, personal protective equipment. With regards to the engineering control, there is a need to implement physical change the workplace to either eliminate or reduce injuries at the workplace. The first engineering control is to use a device for lifting or repositioning heavy objects to reduce force used in the process, weights of loads also need to be reduced to reduce force exerted. Third, the work tables also need to be repositioned to avoid long or excess reach and enable workers to use neutral postures when they are working, furthermore, the diverging conveyors need to be used off the main lines to make tasks less repetitive.

The fifth engineering control is to ensure proper installation of diverters on conveyors to direct materials towards workers and reduce excess leaning or reaching. Finally, tools need to be redesigned to enable workers to use neutral positions when working. With regards to administrative and work practice controls, the aim is to establish efficient processes and procedures. Some of such controls are to ensure that heavy loads are lifted by two people to limit force exertion and to install floaters for providing periodic breaks between the scheduled breaks. Third, there is a need to design a system of job rotation for the workers which would ensure that they rotate between jobs that require different muscle groups. In this manner, there is a need to make systems where the workers are continuously rotated away from the tasks they do to reduce the period of continual exertion, repetitive motions and improper postures. Finally, there is a need to ensure proper use and maintenance of power tools and pneumatic machines.

The final concern is about personal protective tools, and this calls for the use of protection for the reduction of exposure to the risk factors related to ergonomics. In this manner, there is a need for the workers to use padding for the reduction of direct contact with sharp, hard and vibrating surfaces. Additionally, there is a need for employees to wear good fitting thermal gloves which can prevent them from cold conditions while at the same time helping them with grasping items easily. Encouraging the use of such work practices would see a reduction of accidents in workplaces and improve safety of workers. There is a need for factories and industries to encourage the use of such practices.


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