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According to Schwartz et al., (2010), policy enactment alone is not enough to stimulate practice change within the healthcare system in the United States. A policy can be described as a tool for practice change must considerately address the social, organizational and professional context in which the strategy is to be applied. This background can either block or facilitate implementation. Therefore it is necessary to work to ensure that they address the social, organizational and professional context in order to ensure that they do not act as impediment the enactment of the policy that seeks to ensure quality and affordable healthcare coverage for all. There may include aspects that must be considered and addressed before ensuring the implementation and effectiveness of healthcare policies it is thus necessary to address the dissimilar contexts that affect the implementation of the healthcare policy.

According to Hancock & Cooper (2011), their different aspect be it organizational, social and economic that may act as barriers to the enactment of non-discrimination, affordability, and quality in practice. What transpires at the level of enactment when the regime enforces worldwide vicissitudes in practice principles that are not driven by healthcare practitioners? Also what would ensue if the implementation of a strategy is reliant on dissimilar divisions of the healthcare systems; public health units and hospitals and each supported by dissimilar professionals and functioning from associated but dissimilar mandates?

Policy enactment in any healthcare system depends on the healthcare providers obligation. Policies that fail to address other aspects such as social, professional and organizational context are unlikely to attain fruitful enactment. Political consideration is not adequate to actualize the changes in the healthcare practice. Where barricades to policy enactment exist in any of these settings, the strategy may be unsuccessful in meeting these aims (Blacker et al., 2005). To ensure the success of the policy aimed at equality and affordability in healthcare delivery, it is necessary to ensure that all relevant stakeholders; consumers, policymakers and healthcare providers are on board and work to attain a similar objective.

To foster good understanding between relevant parties, it is necessary to ensure that policymakers within healthcare are mindful and respectful of the experience of healthcare providers when setting these policies (Knickman & Kover, 2015). Healthcare providers must also appreciate the changes brought forth and also work on the policy entitlement. The consumers also play a key role since they should hold both the policymakers and healthcare providers, to play this role they need to be informed and prepared for these modifications. In order to effectively ensure equal medical cover for African Americans and by extension the Americans it is necessary to ensure policymakers, healthcare providers, and consumers collaborate towards a similar objective.


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