Philosophy Essay: Is It Morally Right for Human Beings to Eat Other Animals?

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In most societies, globally it is morally right to eat meat. Unless there are religious convictions for some religious, then it is not right to eat meat in various seasons. In contrary, meat is eaten in seasons of celebration. People enjoy eating meat because it is nutritious and some of the meat from some animals have health benefits. Thus, depending on why an individual is eating meat then this makes it right or wrong. In some societies, people keep animals for the purpose of eating. In different cases, people, rare animals because it is a sign of wealth in the African tradition as addressed by Sabreblade (Pg. 1). In addition, people with strong religious convictions believe it is not morally right to kill and eat some animal. Hence the question whether it is morally upright to eat and kill an animal depends on personal convictions.

Animals can be killed and eaten but this applies to some animal since not all animals are fit for human consumption. According to Taylor (Pg. 30), animals cannot rear themselves unless they are wild animals. Thereby, if a person invests in an animal by feeding and taking care of it, then he has all power to decide what to with the animal. Some animals are reared because of their products such as cows, sheep, goat, chickens. These animals when they are reared they produce milk, wool, and eggs which meet other need of the human beings apart from being food. Thus, it is morally right for a person who gets out of their way to create a house for an animal and feed it using his resources. There is no logical explanation as to why they should not eat the animals since some of the animals can only be reared to become food eventually. Animals such as ducks, turkey, and goat. People keep such because their meat is nutritious and recommendable for a proper diet. Additionally, they are eaten when people gather together as families to celebrate a season. Therefore, it is morally correct to kill and eat an animal as a human being.

On the other hand, people can argue that it is morally wrong to kill and eat animals. This argument can be based on believes and faith. For example, people in China believe that some animals are gods thus cannot be eaten. Also, the Muslim faith does not allow them Muslims to take pigs because it is deemed as a dirty animal. Additionally, Christians should not take meat that is dedicated to idols and others do not take meat when they are observing a Daniel Fast. This is a form of sacrifice from physical gratification so that they can effectively hear and focus on their spirituality. In different circumstances people fail to eat animals because they are considered not edible by the society. For instance, dogs, rats and snakes, snails are eaten by people while other people cannot stand even the sight of other people eating these animals. Hence, killing and eating an animal depends of what an individual defines as acceptable consciously or subconsciously. It is incorrect to force people who observe different believes to behave according to what another persons believe as it will cause them to break what they perceive as morally correct or wrong when it comes to eating meat. Basically, the choice of believing whether it is morally correct or wrong to eat meat then depends on the underlying set of believes that guides the live of a person.


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