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What are your results and what does that imply about you?

After conducting the Jung Typology test, my results revealed am 12% extrovert, 31% intuitive, 12% feeling and 4% judging. This implies that I exhibit a 12% slight preference of extroversion over introversion and 31% moderate preference of intuition over sensing. The results further suggest that my preference of judging is slight over perceiving by 4%. Also, I exhibit a 12% slight preference of feeling over thinking.

What do you think of the test itself?

A test is a great tool and recommendable idea since it helps shed light on the personality theory on an individual and hence helping me get to know more information about my traits, skills, and behaviors. MBTI provides an excellent opportunity for an individual to get a better understanding of his persona. However, the limitation of the test is that its not scientific, its based on another theory and thus might lead to inaccurate and misleading results.

Do you think it is valid and useful?

In spite of the unscientific nature of the test which may invalidate the authenticity and accuracy of the process, and thus compromise the integrity of the results, I believe the test may be useful to people to some extent. For instance, the test may help an individual get an in-depth sense of understanding about his/her cognitive functions. After undergoing the test process, a person can know the degree of variance in his sensing, feeling, thinking and intuition behaviors, skills, and traits. Thus, I believe the test is valid and useful.

Do you feel that your results are reflective of your knowledge of yourself? Why or why not?

Probably, I dont think that the results are reflective of the knowledge of myself. This is because I could not be able to acknowledge the accuracy and the authenticity of the results. In as much as the test offered an excellent opportunity to get a better sense of understanding of my trait, skills, and behaviors, I think the results are not verified because of the unscientific nature of the theory based on the test and hence misleading. However, the results provide clear guidance and knowledge for self-awareness.

How do you think your results impact your learning goals? What obstacles or benefits does your MBTI result present to your learning goals?

The result of the test is a critical element in my urge to achieve my learning goals. With a clear guidance and knowledge for self-awareness, I can be able to plan and implement appropriate policies necessary for my personal development and career growth. Additionally, the results of the test will mostly contribute to the growth of my communication skills and emotional intelligence. In line with my learning goals, the results of the will help guide me choose the right professional career and enable me to identify personal strengths and weakness, and thus to lead to the gradual development of my skills, behaviors, and traits.

Having similarities regarding traits, skills, and behaviors with some celebrities who I look up to makes proud and more contented with my personality. For instance, recently, I have been judgmental, inactive and less talkative especially in class. I think I should have exhibited and exercised more of my extrovert behaviors and be less judgmental.

Personal strengths

I am an intuitive kind of a person; I have always had a tendency and a strong desire of looking towards to my future and how possibly it would be. I can create and come up with new ideas and a strong desire to motivate other people. Moreover, I am flexible, patient, and responsible and team oriented. I feel the need to develop my strengths further by exercising a lot of patience and be more accountable. Also, I need to be more active as a team player.


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