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Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice is a superhero movie directed by Zack Snyder and co-produced by Warner Bros and DC Entertainment. In this movie, Snyder puts together DCs marvel superheroes Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) against each other. While the motive is to drive teamwork in taking care of the city, the plot turns into a scattered indigestible and a bit confusing sequel (Scott, 2016). The film begins with a revisit to a previous metropolis fight involving Man of Steel.' The aftermath of the fight left many civilians wounded, and Batmans hatred originated from the fact that Superman disregarded the event thereby failing in his responsibility to the city.

On his side, Superman is a detached soul from his former glories following a feeling of under-appreciation. To batman, superman is a self-appointed lord who hides from taking accountability for his failures. The feuds between the two heavily-muscled superheroes escalate from distrust with power (Rozsa, 2016). In Supermans eyes, Batman is a reckless and dangerous vigilante operating above the law, and that can be proven by the latters branding of the victims he kills. Superman decides to take on Batman in a well-choreographed stunt. While the conflict build up continues, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), a young inventor seeks to access the Zods ship to get information on Krypton's super energy, all in exchange for a piece of kryptonite.

While this movie has been described as an epic blockbuster by some people, others have branded it a soulless and indigestible piece of work. I think it was its mood was boring due to insufficient exposure. The film employs the excessive use of special effects in its editing, and it is difficult to get emotionally attached to either of the two characters. Regarding lighting, this movie score very less, it is dark and void of typical marvel light tone. The quick transitions during stunts and pacey movements create great dramatic movements. Other reviewers of this movies cinematography have termed it as a beautiful mess (Chen, 2016), and I concur because the visuals are just amazing and its shooting was done in a full IMAX. Irrespective of what people might want to voice concerning this movie, it presents the possible consequences which would have ensued if superheroes really existed.


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