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Swan Lake is a fantastic and classical art of work which is connected to a ballet since it combines the In the Swan Lake excerpt, there are three elements of dance that are most depicted in the excerpt. First, the excerpt displays shape which surrounds the kind of dance that is most applicable in Todays dances. The shape was shown in the choreographies that are connected to the dance moves according to the versions of the Swan Lake original texts. Shape refers to the squares, circles, triangles and many other shapes that represent love, affection and other meaning to the society by use of the whole body and some parts of the body. The form involves movement through space with a given coordination of another individual or group of people through a certain level which is the vertical distance from the floor to a given direction in which the body moves. The movements may be sideways, diagonal, up, down, backwards and diagonally. The Swan Lake dance styles involve a given pattern of movement through the air while focusing on a given direction where the dancers eye faces while he or she is in the art of dancing (Cohen, 2011).

The second vocabulary used in the Swan Lake is Arabesque. It means to stand on one leg at the same time extending the other leg at a 90o angle from ones hip. The arabesque was done mostly by a woman held by a man. Also, there is Attitude which involves standing on one leg in Arabesque style while bending the lifted leg at a 90o angle with a well turned out manner. The leg is either lifted back or to the front. There is a choreographic process in which a given moves styles are made and organized to create an individual dance and enhance dance variations (Cohen, 2011).

Classical ballet is a form of traditional or indigenous style in which a particular classical ballet technique is employed. Classical ballet is known for its rigorous and aesthetics technique which involves turnout of legs and great extensions with a given flowing precise movements that accompanies ethereal qualities. Swan Lake requires a Russian Ballet which shows dynamics and high extensions and the styles are named after their originators. For instance, the Swan Lake qualifies to be called a classical ballet because of its name. Swan Lake revolves around love stories, betrayal and the victory of good over evil. The ballet is filled with beauty and enchants the audience for a longer time. The delightful dance of the little Swans and the talented figurative coordination of White Swan makes the art to classical ballet. Also, it is a classical ballet since it displays the story of Odette, a cursed woman who can be freed from the curse through a declaration of true love that the prince failed to show her and hence remained to be a Swan forever. It is a classical ballet in some scenes like that of Odette are difficult to act in real life situations (Cohen, 2011).

As a choreographic art, act I display Pas action which is transformed into a brilliant Siegfried variation and Dance of the Cups to a set mastery of Polonaise which is sixteen male dancers who are divided into four groups. The sixteen dancers execute Canon whereby dancers start and end a dance one after another. There is also body placement in which we carry our body in alignment and positioning of the bones, the head and limbs in positioning. There is an alignment whereby the body is made to make a practical physiological effectiveness that depends on the dance genre. It is a nice art of work, and it is well presented since it articulates all scenes and involves fiction which is shown in the dances despite the difficulty of acting as an Odette (Cohen, 2011).

The Night Journey

In the Night journey, there is dramatic dissonant that reflects the state of mind of Jocasta which outlines the understanding of the underscoring of the eroticism and the unhappy ending. The movie is connected to love when Jocasta recalls that Oedipus is like her lover during the musical movements (Fullerton, 2009). There is a chorus pleading gesture as outlined by Tiresias which was expressed when Jocasta struggled with Tiresias for the truth. The woman clads in a dark tight cloth curving backwards called the contraction and strikes pose. The Night Journey is a modern dance since it is displayed with contemporary scenes which show a relationship between gravity and space. The entire expanse of the stage is used. The movement begins in the subconscious minds since everything seems to be motivated from the inner side.

The choreography in the Night Journey is displayed by phallic thrusting and strength of various limbs. There are darts and wonders of particular indecisively slumping to the ground. There is a recurrent gesture in the choreography whereby Jocastas moves display her body in an open and deep contraction called vaginal cry. The night journey is a nice art since it depicts the modern dance that articulates all feelings on the stage. It is well presented since it represents all kinds of emotions (Fullerton, 2009).

Classical Ballet and Modern Dance comparison and contrast

Classical ballet displays itself as an epitome of sophistication and class since it is known for its meticulous techniques of high extensions, turn of legs, pointe work and precise movements. On the other hand, modern dance is enough to be said that it has everything that classical ballet lacks (Fullerton, 2009). It rejects the constraints that classical ballet bases on and allows free flowing of movements and outlines a real liberty to move an individuals emotions without elaborate scenery and costume. Modern dance lays focus on the dancers expressing their feelings through actions. Unlike the classical ballet, the modern dancers use their bodies in a natural and fluidly manner to express their emotions. The classical ballet maintains an upright and makes their performances with a structured angular line. The two acts of work are interdisciplinary since they revolve around one theme, love.



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