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In order to help in the instruction of mathematics for individuals with exceptionalities, a number of tools can find use in assisting the instructor. The tools can be either high tech tools or low-tech tools that would assist the learner in understanding the concepts taught. The exceptionalities in individuals can range and the different tools are suited for different types of individuals based on their needs and age group.

Low-tech tools

Geometric shapes are among the most basic tools that n instructor can use to help students and pupils learn mathematics. There are different shapes that a learner needs to learn in geometry. For students who might have difficulty understanding the shapes, the use of geometric models can be used to abstract the information being presented in order to help the students understand what they are learning more easily. These can either be drawn or presented as models, which the learner can use to grasp concepts in the classroom.

Illustrated mathematical textbooks are available for a wide range of topics and apply to a wide range of ages. For the younger individuals, illustrated textbooks can play an important role in helping the learner understand mathematics. The illustrations in the books should be things that the learner can easily identify with which makes it easier to abstract the information presented.

Calculators are programmable electronic devices that make mathematical calculations easier for students. In many cases, individuals with exceptionalities can find it difficult to perform arithmetic calculations mentally. Once they understand the class content such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, electronic calculators can find use in making the actual computations easier. However, it is important that the learners are able to understand the mathematical concepts behind the calculation before the introduction of the calculator.

High tech tools

With the advances made in technology, developers have come up with many new applications dedicated to assisting students with mathematical problems. Mathematics applications have been developed that can help in actual instruction and the performance of calculations. For example, MATLAB is a widely used application that allows the student to carry out mathematics calculations and formulae on computers. The advantage of applications such as MATLAB is that students can carry out computations ranging from easy to highly complex engineering functions (Duffy, 2016). Such applications can find use in assisting learners with special needs in understanding mathematics.

Spreadsheets are special computer programs that allow users to enter data in a certain format and allow them to perform various manipulations on the data entered. One of the most widely used spreadsheets is Excel from Microsoft. For instance, if a learner has difficulty in translating given data into a graph, they can enter the data in a spreadsheet and give instructions that will allow the spreadsheet to plot a graph that corresponds to the data automatically. Although mainly used for everyday practical applications, they can be very useful in assisting individuals with exceptionalities to perform mathematical calculations.

In addition to applications, many websites available can help in the instruction of mathematics to learners with exceptionalities. The websites can range widely depending on the content and target audience. An example of such technology is For young learners, the website presents teaching tools in a digital form such as video tutorials (, 2017). Such websites can be interactive allowing the individual to get feedback immediately when they perform certain actions. These can be very helpful for learners to practice mathematical concepts on their own.

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