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Literature review
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Curry and Stancich (2000) argues that information management systems play a significant role in organization decision making. Their pose a strong critique on the high protection of DBMS and information management system. However, Curry and Stancich (2000) maintains that it is only through the establishment of an intranet that an organization can improve decision making. Curry and Stancich criticize the high protection of an information management system which makes it difficult for the employees to access which further reduces the efficiency of the system in decision making. A good information management systems should feature an extensive intranet connectivity through which employees, supervisors, and the management can access the necessary information as well as add information that is required by the organization in decision making (Chan & Huff, 1993). The vulnerability of the information management system to hackers and internal employees with malicious intentions makes it difficult for an organization to achieve its decision making goals by establishing an internal control system that hinders access to the information management system.

Data Systems can be conceptualized as far as three sorts of frameworks: Value-based Processing Systems (TPS), Management Information Systems (MIS), and Expert Frameworks. MIS has a few subsets, for example, Decision Support Systems and Executive Information Frameworks (Ming-Shian, Sun-Jen, & Li-Wei, 2011). The part of MIS in choice help is best talked about with regards to the subset alluded to as Decision Support System (DSS). A DSS is a PC based framework (an application program) equipped for examining hierarchical (or business) information and afterward shows it in a way that encourages the client to settle on business choices all the more proficiently and successfully. It is essentially an educational application which relies upon the data as of now input while offering an explanation to a given question. To begin with, it is natural to express that basic leadership is a basic piece of any business. This is on account of the lion's share of operations in an association rotate around choices made by the administration and other key partners in the association. What's more, with the goal for choice to be made enough, it the key for there to be a decent data framework since choices depend on data accessibility?

In relation to this, the critic that states that in light of the huge part that data plays in the decision of choice to be made, associations must guarantee that they have a great administration data framework. As a prominent general perception, a great MIS guarantees great basic leadership just similarly awful MIS drive the settling on of awful choices. (2010) bolsters the above perception by saying that "The nature of administrative basic leadership depends straightforwardly on the nature of accessible data" and the administrators ought to along these lines develop a situation that empowers the development and reasonable growing of value data. Basically, before choosing which MIS technique to utilize, guarantee that the decision made is completely good with your present framework. This won't just help in maintaining a strategic distance from whimsical decisions, yet it will likewise spare you the time and cash that would have been something else squandered by that individual (Cragg, P 2008 pp.29-35). Notwithstanding that, it is significant for the MIS technique or instrument used to be by the choices that are to be made. As such, there ought to be an interfacing point between the choice to be made and the MIS to be utilized by the individual or corporate entrepreneurs (Cragg, P 2008 pp.29-35). As a key thought, Management Information Systems is an exceedingly perplexing and sensitive field that requires a great deal of alert to be taken by its directors. It is consequently that it is recommendable for associations to guarantee that they precisely select the people who are set to control the frameworks. The more mindful and expert a man is, the better the individual gets a confirmation of uplifting prospects of in MIS concerning basic leadership and other related zones of business (Moore, MA 2003 pp. 55-56).Having plainly depicted that, what at that point are a portion of the academic contentions, certainties, conclusions, and perceptions made by different macro economists concerning the parts of Administration Information System in enhancing basic leadership? In any case, MIS gives a fitting stage to great basic leadership. Basically, without the built up frameworks of getting data in MIS, it would be to a great degree troublesome for associations to settle on their choices.

This is because they would be compelled to making unjustifiable data because of the absence of affirmed data. Additionally, MIS ordinarily establishes a firm framework for the foundation of solid choices through its orderly devices, opportune data and satisfactory administrative strategies and controls. Besides, (Tarcan, & Varol, 2010) argues that management data Systems' statutes viewing organizations go about as rules to entrepreneurs when settling on basic choices about their organizations. Subsequently, supervisors and key chiefs are harnessed from violating their limits or surpassing their business command. This is extremely urgent as it helps in keeping organizations checked and adjusted consequently guaranteeing that exclusive demonstrated choices are considered while the untried ones are impeded. All the more critically, the ability to direct basic leadership encourages advance and change of the operations in an organization (Tarcan, E, & Varol, ES 2010 pp.127-144).What's more, most MIS programs are invested with the ability to give continuous updates of the events in organization or framework. By constant, researchers essentially allude to quick updates of events in a framework. These quick updates help troughs to take essential activities when is esteemed suitableparticularly amid the revelation and administration of emergencies. This enlarges advance and change in organizational operations through opportune decision-making.

This is essential for organizations in the advanced era where any slight slip by in basic leadership can prompt the tremendous misfortunes (Tarcan, E, & Varol, ES 2010 pp.127-144) All things considered, Management data frameworks are exceptionally essential enhancing organization securities (Moore, MA 2003 pp. 55-56). For instance, in many cases, most administration data frameworks can be effortlessly modified by the proprietor to lead certain activities at specific circumstances. In impact, directors can program the framework to play out certain normal checks which can help in enhancing the effectiveness of an organization through simple disclosure of bugs or issues. Besides, the programmability of most MIS spares a ton of extremely valuable time and assets for proprietors. In other words, through programmability, business chiefs can program the frameworks to naturally find certain inadequacies and even tackle them. Therefore, the supervisor or framework administrator can utilize the time and assets he/she would have utilized as a part of observing or settling issues for other key employments. By routinely programming a Management Information System, the business will undoubtedly gain positive ground since time Furthermore; assets can be effortlessly diverted into legitimate business ways (Tarcan, E, & Varol, ES 2010 pp.127-144) As an essential point, a great number of MIS utilized today can play out various undertakings all in the meantime.

Cragg (2008) argues that the possibility of multitasking expands productivity in an organization since a few business operations can be directed at the same time. With exceptional respects to basic leadership, the ability to multitask guarantees that choices are made expediently when contrasted with those frameworks which can just deal with one assignment at any given moment. Firmly identified with the above point, (Hsin Hsin, 2006) says that a few MIS permit different clients to get to a similar substance all in the meantime with no errors. This possibility supports responsibility from the business administrators since different individuals can get to a specific content and check whether they are predictable or whether they are most certainly not (Lapiedra, Alegre, & Chiva, 2011). Actually, most associations tend to experience the ill effects of those accused of the order to deal with specific points of interest. This protects activity of a few MIS is the thing that macro economists allude to as the "entryway keeping" part of MIS in basic leadership and general prosperity of the association. On another level, a great number of MIS assume the part of record keeping or organization of information bases that can without much of a stretch keep private or significant data. Basic leadership regularly requires the perusing of sure past work (Serenko, and Bontis, 2017).

(Razali, & Vrontis, 2010) Emphasizes that the implementation of an information management system is both expensive and costly to an organization. Besides, aligning an organization information management system to an organization strategies further make the process lengthy and costly for an organization. To ensure that an information management system is beneficial an organization is required to train the employees who are costly and further aligning an organization information management system is even more costly since every employee has to be involved in the process (Moore, 2003). Employees can be unwilling to adopt a new information management system which increases the possibility of the information management system having any tangible impacts on decision making. For the effectivity of an information management system it is important for an organization to carry out an organization research to identify the benefits and the disadvantages of the system and how an organization can increase the yields of an information management system towards an organization decision making and align the system with the organization goals and strategy (Rahimi and Kozak, 2017). The critique is well known in the United States.



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