Literary Essay Example: The Complete Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault, Anne Sexton: Telling the Tale

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Perrault, Charles. The complete fairy tales. Oxford University Press, 2010.

Charles Perrault presents his creative writing skills by crafting a piece of writing that is comical but with a thoughtful lesson. The title of the story is Blue Beard. Funny as it sounds, the Author has used the character to develop the core theme of the story. Charles has developed a narrative story that begins by giving a vivid description of the main character in the story-Blue beard.

The Author describes Blue Beard as a man with wealth both in town and village who indulged in the jewelry business. However, despite the man being endowed with such richness, still, this man seemed like a ghost to ladies. Women could meet him and run away. Most ladies feared him because of his outlook. The man was described to have Blue beards hence no woman was willing to be associated with him. Instead, whenever they see him, they would run away. As such, Blue beard seemed to be a lone ranger in the city. For a long time, he has placed a bid to marry the neighbor`s daughter, but all the effort was in vain.

Blue Beard had to change the strategy to reinstate his image. He decided to take the family to a nearby country. After the party, the girl was convinced that blue man was never a bad person as other women perceive him. Fortunately, Blue Beard strategy succeeded, and once they were back, they lastborn girl decided to spend his life with Blue-beard.

The story is an eye-opener to the reader and offers amazing lessons to the reader. First, the Author articulates the price that comes with disobedience. Blue beard was presented as an honest and straightforward but to those people who are obedient to him. Also, the character of being generous to leak his secret of wealth was a significant weakness. The motive of giving keys is the catch that was used to tempt most ladies from accessing the forbidden room.

Another critical lesson is that disobedience can lead a person to trouble. Most of the wives fall into that trap because they could not keep their promise. Sometimes ignorance and breach of character can lead someone into trouble. Charles has presented ideas in a manner that instill fear in the mind of the leader. The use of stylistic devices to blend the legendary tale makes the story interesting to read. The Author has used dilemma and suspense as the main stylistic devices to motivate the reader to keep yearning to know what next.' As such, throughout the reading, the author jogs the mind of the reader by offering tone variation hence dictating the mood of the reader.

In conclusion, Blue beard is an interesting fable story that offers the reader with a third eye perspective of perceiving situations. The tale contains a hidden meaning that a reader can only understand if he remains analytical and thinks critically. Such stories are important to the society as they act as a mirror in our community. Societal issues that are addresses affected such as social divide serves as a specimen of what we face in our society.

Colburn, Steven E., ed. Anne Sexton: telling the tale. University of Michigan Press, 1988.

The author has showcased his prowess by writing a poem. The poem points out the role of women in the society and the impact their role can bring to the community. The Author uses imagery that demonstrates a clear image in the mind of the reader. In the context, Anne Sexton uses his persona to express his earner feeling by expressing them in writing.

Anne Sexton is a prolific poet who begun poetry during the dark days when she was hit by depression. The mental issues for a long time motivated her to create a piece of writing that would exude her feeling outwardly. Sexton as a mother and untutored housewife started to write poetry after getting counseling for her psychiatrist`s advice. As a result, Anne featured in writing various anthologies that have been accepted in most parts of the world. Most of the anthologies have been published in magazines.

In the poem, the Author attempts to showcase that a woman can have different personalities. Anne portrays women as characters who are glued to societal norms and stick to be objective while keeping their value. Hence, the demarcations are set by a suburban wild mother with fateful femme fatale. By using the metaphorical wild mother as the persona, Anne is connecting her feelings with those of wild mother misunderstood and were unique.


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