Leadership Essay Sample: A Case Study On Not Giving In

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This study will be based on two ethical theories that are the existentialism theory and the cultural relativism. The existentialism theory mainly advocates on a situation whereby an individual can make a particular decision without being influenced by anyone. It gives a person the freedom to make their choices and that one should be responsible for his actions and the consequences that may arise from taking such actions. Existentialists tend to believe that the experience of each person is different from that of someone else and unique in its way. This theory emphasizes that a person should be in a position to make decisions that are rational despite being in a universe that is irrational. The cultural relativism theory emphasizes on the ethical and moral systems that tend to vary from one culture to the other and all the systems tend to be equal with none appearing to be more superior to the other. This theory further emphasizes that the question of morality and ethical systems depend on an individuals cultural opinion.

Ashton should not give up on the project by refusing to give out the bribe to the local government officials so as to be able to build the PDRCs headquarters. She should make that decision without anyone influencing her, and as a leader, she should be in a position to make decisions which will be for the benefit of the company at large. As a leader, she should be a risk taker and a person who does not fear to take certain risks. As she is the manager of the company just like the existentialism theory suggests, she has the freedom to decide to go ahead with bribe so as not lose the contract. As it is her first managerial project in that company losing it may make her look like a loser who do not have enough managerial skills. It may, in turn, make her lose her job since she will be viewed as incompetent and fears to take risks in her profession. She needs the job since without that job she will not be able to pay her bills and cater for the expenses. She should not let be ready to let it go as the project will also help her gain more experience. For one to be considered an American one must show entrepreneurship skills so as to help towards achieving the American dream hence despite it being illegal Ashton should portray these skills through the fact she will be willing to give the bribe in another foreign country.

On the other hand, Ashton should know as much as she will be giving the bribe she will be committing a crime in a foreign country if caught by the authority of that country. It is because giving of bribes is considered as illegal and not only in that country, but most countries are against that hence she should be ready to take up the responsibility when caught and be willing to know how to defend herself. As the relativism theory suggests that an individuals opinion on culture and morality all depends on a person, she should not consider this as immoral. It is because while she will be giving out the bribe, it will be out of a good heart. It will be meant to benefit not only her but the entire community as a whole, and hence she will not be intending to hurt anyone rather than helping. She should not give up on the project after she had given it so much of her effort and time. She should know that winners never quit.

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