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Further, all points are going to be considered from different points of views, i.e. both positive and negative ones. Let us face the fact that America truly is but it is not a Dream Land where all dreams and hopes magically come true. It is a country with its own history, authentic culture, strong beliefs and challenges that motivate for development and improvement. The first point is that America is a country of the possibilities. We all know about American Dream according to which everyone, even having nothing under the belt, can accomplish all his dreams. This statement is based on the experience of people who live here for years or were welcomed to the shore, where they will not have problems because of their skin color or the religion they practice. People here can all get a chance for education, development, personal growth, independence of action and opportunity to be what they want to be. It is a place where everyone creates his or her foundation and works it up. The thing is that those who are ready to work hard, implement some great ideas, be productive and efficient, can get everything they deserve in this country, and this is the great thing about America. It is a well-known fact that a great importance is paid to the education here because Americans believe that only educated people can actually be free. Worth mentioning is the number of the world's best colleges and universities which attract students attention from all over the world. Among them are California Institute of Technology that can be proud of 34 Nobel prizewinners and a number of different national awards; Stanford University with its talented graduates who eventually created successful companies and start-ups including Google and Snapchat; Harvard University that is still in the top of the best universities all over the world, etc. The government provides different opportunities like loans, grants and scholarships for students who have some difficulties with payment but still want to study. It must be also said that this country provides lots of opportunities for immigrants who come here to gain education, make money or seek for a better life. There are can be different reasons of their migration but the point is that people have this possibility to move to America and change their lives. Immigration played a significant role in American history, however, it is one of the greatest controversial and disputable issues nowadays. Legal immigration is rising steadily over the last years. But the problem is illegal immigrants who, without any permission, come to America and, as a result, the number of immigrants increased to hundreds of thousands a year. Most of the illegal immigrants came from Mexico. The problem for the society is that they have to pay bigger taxes to maintain the well-being of these immigrants, even for illegal ones. Some people blame immigrants for drug distribution, crime, overpopulation and poverty. To reduce the number of immigrants, barbed wire fences and metal walls were installed along the border. But it is not the way out because the measures must be taken by government to stabilize the population. As I mention before, America has not only advantages, it is also a country with its own issues that should be fixed.

The second point is that America is country of freedom, and here also can be pros and cons that should be discussed. Freedom of speech is one of the most valuable rights that all people are entitled to in America. This right allows individuals to speak up, carp at something they do not appreciate, ask for improvements, etc. People deserve to be heard and in America it is legal and conducted in a peaceful manner as long as it does not hurt anyone. Americans are also eligible to have freedom of the press, which is limited in most of the countries. Here journalists are allowed to write what they think people need to hear. Of course, it might also be a problem because not every magazine or newspaper provide decent and faithful information that can have a harmful influence on people' minds. That is why, it should be mentioned that sometimes journalists govern and have influence for a long time unlike the President who reigns only for four years. Another constructive point which proves the idea of the freedom in America is right to choose religion to believe. The same way people are entitled to refuse any religion if they are willing to. Here we can observe the division between state and church, and this fact attracts many people to come and live here. In comparison to many countries, like Islamic for instance, where religion is a huge issue and all people are forced to the single level of affiliation, Americans have more advantages and freedoms according to this right. The racial issue is one of the most significant in America because here, as in many countries, racial discrimination took place for years. The movement for freedom began in February 1960, when some Afro Americans in Greensboro, North Carolina denied going out the cafeteria because no one wanted to service them. By the end of 1961 about 70,000 people were involved in the movement for rights and freedoms. We all know Reverend Martin Luther King, the leader of this movement and a Nobel prizewinner for his civil work. He contributed a lot to the racial discrimination removal but it was long and difficult process with lots of victims, disappointments and mortifications. Nowadays the problem with racial discrimination and segregation is mostly excluded and every citizen, no matter of skin color and the origin, has equal rights and freedoms. Now America is rather successful in the integration of different races but the problem with partially inequality of Afro Americans rises from time to time. And here some measures should be taken to erase even a thought about inequality which is still in some individuals' minds.

The last point I am about to take into consideration is that America is a country of progress. America is one of the most high tech countries. Specifically, the USA, Silicon Valley, provides such technologies by means of which people all over the world have internet connection and access to it. The United States is going ahead of its rivals in the development of the biggest technology corporations like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, etc. The best thing is that America develops these technologies for other countries as well as it integrates them efficiently into their own military, infrastructure and medicine fields. America is also the first state that could send man to the moon. It happened in 1969 and after that it was repeated more than 3 times. Even with a strong rival, the USSR, that sent man to the space for the first time in human history, the USA was the first country sent a person to the moon. The USA is the top country ahead in space researching technologies. America is the only country that has a space probe, Voyager, in the solar system. Americans also succeed in the Mars exploring. Nowadays, the United States is planning many NASA projects to continue space exploration. In addition, it should be mentioned that America has one of the most powerful defense system in the world. It successfully combines engineering and technological progress. The US can be proud of the most impressive air force in the whole world with their aircrafts equipped in the way to avoid radars. No other country in the world can boast about the biggest number of drones such as the MQ 9 Reaper and X47-A Pegasus. All in all, America is peacefully oriented country but able to defend itself and its citizens.

From these arguments it must be concluded that America is great but, as any other country, has lots of issues to work on and improve. Here people comprehend that only the diversity of opinions and thoughts can provide a real strength of America. This country is not about welfare by any means or the theory of getting rich as fast as it is possible. It is a country of free and independent people who want to live in happiness and prosperity, and who are ready to work hard for that. As this country was built on the enthusiasm and courage, it must still works toward the development, complete eradication of the racial discrimination and welfare of the whole nation.


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