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Cities compare in many aspects such as health and safety, issues pertaining to quality of life and cost of living among others. A healthy city can be described as a process instead of an outcome. Having a healthy and safe city does not mean achieving a particular health status. It is about being conscious of the health and safety and emphasizing on its improvement. It, therefore, means a city can be health irrespective of its current health status. A healthy and safe city means the achievement of a city that continually creates and enhances the physical and social aspects and promotes the community resources enabling its inhabitants to support each other mutually. In the comparison of the health and safety between Berlin and Prague, various factors such as crime, natural disaster, environmental factors and health risks will be evaluated. Europe has witnessed an increase in the number of nations with the highest incomes and living standards. However living in such cities may prove costly. To compare between Berlin and Prague, housing, food, and transportation will be examined. Quality of life can be described as the general well-being of people establishing the pros and con features of life. To evaluate the quality of life of the two cities, quality of life aspects such as weather, quality of schools among others with being detailed. The research paper will try to compare Berlin in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic concerning their health and safety, quality of life and living expense. The paper will also try to propose the best city to live in after the careful analysis of the factors mentioned.

Health and Safety


The crime rate in Prague, Czech Republic is estimated to be medium. It is rare to witness or experience violent or confrontational crime. The witnessed crimes in this city are usually theft and economically motivated offenses (OSAC, 2017). For the visitors, they might experience petty street crime such as pickpocketing. Most of these incidents happen in crowded areas, and special caution is important when using public transportation. The crime rates in Berlin Germany is comparable to that of most first-world cities. The common types of crimes are those targeting tourists. Other statistics show that Berlin has reported a 157% increase crime related Alien actions (OSAC, 2017). Berlin has also seen an increase in credit card-related fraud.

Natural Disasters

The natural disaster issues present in Berlin include floods but the city is safe for the residents and the visitors. In Prague, the most destructive natural disasters are due to floods. The occurrence of floods is usually after a very long period of calm. Prague is located in a zone where there are no earthquakes, and the strong storms are exceptional. Flooding is the only natural disasters to occur in Prague (Kuncova, 2011). Concerning the threats from natural disasters, Prague is among the very safe cities. The safety of Prague is enhanced by the presence of the best flood and other threats warning system. Their objective is to ensure relevant bodies and citizens are protected from potential dangers.

Environmental Factors

At the end Twentieth century, the Social Democrat-Party coalition in Germany was instrumental in helping environmentalists through the institution of policies. The Federal Environmental Agency in Berlin has been working to ensure that energy is used efficiently, reversal of land depletion trends, and closing of substance cycles. The agency is trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and construction of new, energy-efficient flats and reducing industrial pollutants. There are green roofs which support specialized vegetation. They also offer environmental services such as retaining storm-water, amelioration of the city heat island effect and energy. The city of Prague in Czech Public has been very critical concerning its environment. It has had a tradition and provision of environmental information. For instance, the Prague has an Environmental Information System which collects and processes data on various environmental factors. The information is then provided to the stakeholders to make the appropriate decision.

Cost of Living



Berlin has long been known for its low cost of living especially due to low housing rates. However, housing prices in Berlin have been on the rise making its less of an exception as compared to other European capitals. In Berlin, rentals range from 10 EUR in Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Beg and 15 EUR in some parts of Mitte. The price of housing can still be considered cheapish for a city such as Berlin which is a European capital. In the recent times, the cost of living in the Prague, Czech Republic has risen (n.a, 2017). The cost of housing and utilities in Prague are average in comparison to other cities in Europe. The Prague housing market has oversupplied since many luxury properties built before the start of the global financial crisis. This means there is the availability of quality housing at a reasonable rise. However, the markets are recovering and the cost of accommodation in improving.


Concerning food, Berlin is relatively cheap having plenty of budget options. Drinks, especially from grocery stores or off-license stores, are very cheap. The cost of food can vary depending on the store you shop. However, the cost of food in Berlin is relatively less as compared to other Western capitals. In Berlin, there is the presence of a wide variety of produce which is of high quality (n.a, 2017). In Prague, groceries are not expensive, and visitors from the United States and Europe find themselves speeding less in food. Some of the grocery stores in Prague include Albert and Tesco.


Berlin boasts an excellent transport infrastructure and transport expenses are more affordable in comparison to other cities such as Munich and Frankfurt. Most visitors do not find it necessary to buy a car and buses, trams and the metro is their most preferred mode of transport. For those who decide to drive find it expensive to obtain the relevant documents despite the price of petrol being relatively low (n.a, 2017). However, the most cost-effective transports means is cycling which is very popular in Berlin. In Prague, transport is also relatively cheap since public transport, and petrol is not expensive. For visitors, they can purchase a small car reasonably, but due to the transport being inexpensive, many people find it unnecessary.

Quality of Life


When deciding to live or travel to any city, the weather is a critical factor to consider. The weather in Berlin has got many surprises even for residents. Despite the reliability of the modern forecasts, you never too sure about what might happen next. It is always important to check the weather forecasts to enjoy the stay in Berlin. The weather and climate in Prague can be described as continental and temperate (Kuncova, 2011). The city has a mild climate characterized by four seasons.

Quality of Schools

Berlin has a substantial number of schools, but many find them particularly expensive concerning the tuition fees. Other prospects that people consider are the bilingual schools which are relatively affordable (n.a, 2017). Bilingual schools in Berlin are those schools that teach in both German and other languages, and they operate at lower costs making the affordable in comparison to international options. In Prague, public education is not expensive. However, due to language barriers, there is the option of international schools which are very expensive.

The City to Visit or Live

From the comparison, these two cities have their similarities and differences. There are appropriate to visit and live. Berlin is more developed than Prague, and it can be referred to as a modern city similar to London, New York, and Paris. It would be interesting to visit. However, I think that Prague is a destination on the rise and still have its old charm and beauty. Having to explore such a city would give someone different and unique experiences. For someone who needs to experience the old innocent charm, Prague would be the city to visit or live. Berlin would be appropriate for those who want to experience a more modernized city.


The research paper has made a comparison between Berlin in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. These two cities were chosen due to their contrasting differences especially in architecture Berlin showcasing modern architecture and Prague having a historical architecture. Having decided on these two cities, the research paper sought to make a comparison concerning their health and safety, expense of living and quality of life. The health and safety, quality of life and expense of these two cities are quite comparable.



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