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Teaching and learning two concurrent activities which are affected by many factors, this may be the teacher or learner. In many cases, it is the qualities of teachers that affect a large part of the students ability to understand and perform well. The following are attributes which effective teachers possess.

Confidence, a good teacher, should have a high level of confidence. A great teacher should always believe that he/she is in the right spot no matter what happens. The confidence of spending time with the learners benefits them a lot. Students will always know when a teacher has the confidence or not and it will affect their mood positively or negatively. Teachers jobs are normally stressful and difficult but reward a lot though. If a teacher lacks confidence his/, her delivery will be negative and might not be in a position to continue with the work.

High experience, great teachers always have an experience after many years of interacting with different students. This makes them aware of the best teaching approaches and how to deal with students having different characters.

Focuses on important issues, many students are happy when teachers are concerned with learning matters. Skipping classes, being late or not finishing assignments are always normal in learning institutions. Teachers who draw a lot of attention to these issues waste time that should be used in learning. They should understand and be used to these cases and find means of handling them without showing more concern.

Organized and neat; students are normally advised influenced by their teachers. A great teacher always has this in mind and will remain organized and neat in all activities involving the students.

Do not worry a lot about the administration views and thoughts. A great teacher knows he/she is delivering quality work, therefore, has no worries or concern about the administration. This is because the results of the students can be used as evidence in the case of any doubts.

Prepared, a great teacher has plan or program of what to be doing with the students. The teacher knows what to be covered when. Before the semester begins, the teacher will have set dates for assessment tests.

Positive, for a good performance every person needs to be motivated. Students like a positive teacher who encourages them more so during complicated chapters. Research shows that a positive teacher increases the passion of students in topic or subjects being covered.

Creative, all students love when the teacher is creative. At times the topic will be complicated or boring; it is creativity which will help the teacher in such situations.

Technology literate, the 21st century everything is revolving around technology. Use of videos and soft copy learning materials boost the effectiveness of a teacher.

Here is the answer to question two

In my classroom, different students have different abilities and skills. Some are better in books while others in sports.

The perception of education as the only key to success has been proven wrong. Everyone needs to be educated but should also be allowed to pursue what works well with them.

The students should be understood in their behaviors before judgments and punishments. This is because of their different backgrounds.

For peaceful coexistence and relation in the school, no student should be more equal than the other. The teachers should be aware of a difference in minds and grasping capacity, hence diversify the learning speed to help all.

The non-curriculum activities have proven to be beneficial, that is from sports to acting. The school should nature and support young talents.


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