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The flexibility of various debts offering according to the statement of accounts indicates that Panera Bread Company is likely to experience a more significant margin in the sales. The marginal rate of increase as a result of the increase in production of bread and the accompaniments according to the forecast for the year 2007 which has been used as the base year. The next financial year that is assumed to start off early 2008 (Caspari, Adam et al. 59). The forecast rates on the revenue that is the primary focus of the company are to an increment of 5% on every stock that is in the inventory as well as those on the bay. The company, however, needs to take in the audit report recommendations to make the smooth flow of the sales. The inventory control is not operating on the FIFO rules of the stochastic process (Francioni, Reto 7). There are many loopholes in the inventory that the Panera Bread company inventory staff needs to work on to ensure optimal control in the flow of bread and supply to the market.

.The best for Panera shareholders is to approve the sale of the chain restaurant to JAB Holdings, flagging the way for a $7.5billion. Panera based in Sunset Hills that operates as St. Louis Bread Company confirmed that the shareholders approved the merger that had been announced earlier. Upon finalization of the deal, every Panera share on common stock will be annulled and transformed into the right to acquire $315. Capital study Global Investors called Vanguard Group as well as Fidelity Management, and Research was the most substantial stockholders right from 31st March.

Panera does not record franchise-operated net sale revenue. But royalty revenues are summed based on a % of the franchise- operated and internal system linked to store development planning, budget and decisions analyses (Wald and Alan 10). It is believed such stock information is critical in assessing consumer acceptance of the brand, and that it facilitates a comprehension of the entire Panera financial performance as well as an overall direction of operating and sale income. Marketing is seen as the only way out for the growth of the company, and it is carried out in earnest both by managers and marketing staff. When merged, the company will co-exist with such values, and its brand name will forever be recognized by customers and also the competitors.

Panera Bread Company should proceed with caution since the rate at which they the company is opening outlets can result to overtrading. Overtrading would ruin the company reputation amongst the shareholders. It would also result in higher overhead costs in the event of trading as a result of additional wage scale that would be a burden to the company (Lysandrou 159). The company should at the same time invest most of its resources in marketing if not making a boost to the current branding. The company should adopt efficient mechanisms that would also guarantee the flow of commodities in the best manner to avoid experiencing storage costs. Storage costs are even taking the company back and are accumulating to huge expenses due to damaged goods.

Panera Company financial position as per the end of 2006 shows that the company can meet its financial obligations without any contradiction. This is however not guaranteed in the long run as the same company is engaging in overtrading and mass opening of premises. Like it is highlighted in the recommendation and the Du Point analysis, there must be a way of dealing with the problem for continued growth and financial balance of the company.

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