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A supermarket, for instance, Woolworths, is a retail shop that sells a variety of products under one roof. Buyers walk in, pick the items they intend to purchase from different shelves and then pay for them at the cashiers desks. The assortment of items according to their domestic use, using eye-catching items as displays for the products that are already in stock, an orderly placement of the items on shelves, arrangement of these shelves into various rows with walkways provided between two consecutive rows, having the cashiers desks at near the supermarkets exit are among the characteristic features that meet the eye on entry into the supermarket.

Suppose the supermarket was in charge of education, I approve its pedagogical orientation on the basis of the need to inform people about the importance of guaranteeing favorable shopping experiences to customers. My elucidation of the curriculum behind the above-mentioned features is based on human psychology and logic. For instance, assuming the supermarkets premise is a storied building, the most frequently purchased items are usually located on the ground floor since this is where most movement is expected to take place. Having items such as foodstuffs, washing soap on the third floor, and electronics and furniture on the ground floor would beat logic. This is because directing much of the customer traffic to the furthest ends of the premise would prove to be a tiresome experience since customers would have to walk a longer distance pulling their trolleys to get to the shelves where basic household items are placed while by-passing furniture that they do not need to purchase routinely. Unnecessary elongation of travel distances within the supermarket torments the customers psychology due to the thoughts of spending much energy in tracing an item at far ends, which can be avoided by providing this item at the shortest distance possible from the entrance and exit. Therefore, placing the regularly bought items as close to the exit as possible will reduce the walk patterns for most of the buyers.

Supermarkets normally display their stock using the best items that are appealing to the eye. Again, based on human psychology, customers sight is the first sense that determines their preferences or dislikes for a certain product. For instance, the apparel section will have the most fashionable clothing lines showcasing the available men, women and childrens wear. Likewise, emphasizing on the face value of electronics for instance by displaying smart, curved and high definition TV sets at the electronics section provides a sight to behold for clients who come into the premise for window-shopping. They will feel compelled to purchase the TV set once they have enough capital to meet the selling price.

The assortment of items into sections according to their usage or application is normally essential for easier tracing. For instance, if someone intends to purchase a deodorant spray, he or she will try to locate a post suspended from the ceiling board that is written Toiletries to indicate that the buyer can find the deodorant on the shelves below this post. Assuming such markers were not placed or if items were to be mixed up on the shelves, it would be difficult to pinpoint an item especially for first shoppers. The markers or posts act as indices for buyers to easily narrow down to a possible shelf that has the product they want to purchase. For convenience, after picking the items from the shelves, the cashiers desks are located near the exit so that once the goods are paid for and the clients have no other business in the supermarket, they can trace their way out without any trouble. Therefore, based on the above explanation, I can comfortably affirm my approval for the curriculum behind the setting of a supermarket space and the educational direction that informs the features discussed above.

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