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Biology and chemistry are two exciting subjects and closely related components of science that often overlap. The topics are similar in many aspects because they both try to describe living and non-living organisms in the ecosystem. However, despite being identical in various ways, they frequently generate arguments especially concerning the study of humanity. The primary aim of this essay is to compare and contrast the two subjects by analyzing their similarities as well as their differences.

Biology is the study of the life of both living and non-living organisms and explores their classification, interactions, makeup, and their physiology. Biology describes the anatomy of these organisms and their entire biological mechanisms. Moreover, biology studies growth, evolution, ecological niches and lifecycles of organisms. Biology aims at developing an indebtedness and understanding of biological terms that are crucial in discovering the diversity of life. These ranges from molecular to biological systems and how living organisms interact with the environment they inhabit. Furthermore, the other objective of biology is to develop facts and understanding about the structure and role of earths biodiversity and how evolution affects various organisms.

Chemistry, on the other hand, involves the study of the composition of matter precisely their properties, structure, composition, and reactions. Chemistry majorly aims at studying driving forces and trends in chemical reactions from organisms. Besides that, it tries to explain how reactions take place in the body of an organism. The other principal aim of chemistry is to develop an appreciation of the basics of chemistry and tendencies that lead to chemical connections. Furthermore, chemistry enables one to study the structure of atoms and how they control the reactivity of various elements. It also reveals the arrangement of atoms regarding mixtures and compounds. Lastly, chemistry enables one to calculate the amounts of matter during a reaction thus allowing one to understand deeply how things behave the way they are.

Both chemistry and biology have similarities as well as differences in various aspects. Regarding living and non-living organisms, they both analyze several characteristics of organisms body and coincide by using each other findings to reach a conclusion concerning the organisms life. In this instance, biologists learn a lot of chemistry while a chemist learns more of biology as well. Additionally, the biological aspects of living organisms can be well understood by analyzing interactions between atoms, compounds, and molecules by a chemist. These elements make up living tissues and the ecosystem that organisms live in. However, the subjects differ because biology mostly studies how things are the way they are while chemistry emphasizes on why and when the things happened. Apart from that, biology is a natural science while chemistry is a physical science. Additionally, as biology studies the whole organisms at large, chemistry studies specific components such as properties of substances. Regarding evolution, the biologists believe in various theories of genetics and molecular biology but the chemists believe in evolution by analyzing fossils, chemical and anatomical reactions, genetic changes and geographical distribution of organisms.

In conclusion, despite the two subjects having various similarities, there is a huge difference between them. Chemistry is more complicated than biology although biology goes beyond chemistry in many aspects. Nonetheless, both the subjects are captivating fields that people need to explore. Both subjects vary when analyzing critical topics such as evolution although both have similar findings in other themes.

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