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The drive and ambition to make an impact and change the usual sequence of events in life can greatly influence the desire to follow a particular path that leaves an indelible mark on the interactions with other people. Paul Offits literature piece, Vaccinated: One man's quest to defeat the world's deadliest diseases, brings out the transformations that a focused microbiologist (whose goal was to see the elimination of some of the natural ailments associated with children) can accomplish.

Through sufficient research and proper time investment into the analysis of the causal factors and effects of different diseases on the physical state and body conditions, Hilleman, the microbiologist, was able to establish a striking correlation between the spread and infection of most childhood diseases (Offit, 2007). Therefore, through this piece on microbiology, the author has sought to show the extent to which an individuals determination has been able to change the present-day problems by issuing solutions to the most chronic diseases experienced by human beings. Additionally, by the composition of this piece, Offit has highlighted the viruses associated with the various diseases and thus presented an informative and educational platform for both scholars and learners.

As one proceeds to analyze the book, various aspects of microbiology are articulated. Hillemans career life was dedicated to the studying and finding relationships amongst the different diseases causing agents or viruses. As such, the presentation of the finite information about the microorganisms and their associated characteristics opens up the ground for an increased interest in learning how these viruses work to adapt or overcome the body immunity (Offit, 2007). Moreover, through the demonstrations of some of the adaptive features of viruses such as the mutations or change in the gene constitution, Hilleman has illustrated how the process of establishing the specific vaccines for each disease requires comprehensive knowledge and research of the peculiar characteristics of each virus. These elements depicted in Hillemans study form the tenets of microbiology and the different disciplines related to subjects such as virology or the study of bacteria. Henceforth, by reading the book, my understanding of the elements of microbiology and the processes of virus control has been emphasized (Offit, 2007). Additionally, the evaluation of the treatment and prevention procedures for some of the common diseases, especially amongst children, has motivated my interest to research and undertake more in operations surrounding vaccinations and control of disease spread.

The book strikes out as both an inspirational and educative material by demonstrating how a career goal can contribute to achievements beyond the realms or imaginations of an individual. Through hard work and tenacity, Hilleman made indelible inventions in the world of microbiology by providing the necessary vaccines to the different terminal diseases. However, despite the reliable analysis of the methods of controlling and establishing solutions to the childhood ailments such as Pneumonia, Offit presents a biased approach to the information presented therein. It is where due consideration is effected in depicting Hilleman as a resilient scientist whose focus and passion for addressing the different diseases is remarkable. Through studies and research, Hilleman finds how the various microorganisms or bacteria become adapted to the treatment or medication under use during that period.

As such, the book concentrates on the personal rise of an individual armed with the desire to change the order of life by establishing vaccines to these diseases. Therefore, despite the captivating and outstanding title, the book does not evidently indicate the detailed information about vaccinations procedures and the theory behind viruses or bacteria. Instead, a personal account of the accomplishments made is distinctly presented by the author. As a learning material, I would not recommend the book to an individual to gather detailed information about vaccines or the characteristics of viruses. However, I would recommend the material for someone wishing to appreciate the history of microbiology.


Offit, P. A. (2007). Vaccinated: One man's quest to defeat the world's deadliest diseases. Harper Collins.

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