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The great story explains the mysteries of evolution. The story is meant to help human beings create a purpose for their lives as was encompassed in the creation through to the significant compassion that allows Christians to live harmoniously and in hope in Christ. The story articulates the bible from the beginning of time during creation to the end where the Lord shall come back to judge His creation.

The story is believable because it shows an outline of how the world came into existence, Genesis 1-11 deciphers how God created everything that is living and where each was placed. The narration gives human beings a basis to believe in the mighty power of the Lord and how He miraculously and in an organized way created everything. The story however is challenged by evolution on daily basis. Change is not a critical feature in such a story as every time that new discoveries are made especially the Western world then people get to question whether the story still holds it meaning or not. With the level of civilization increasing with every generation the story of creation continue to shift as new discoveries which are cosmic, cultural or planetary come up. Western world continues to do planets exploration interfere with the story as it shows that creation did not end with the story in the bible but continues even in the current world.

The story is not deniable because it gives many phenomena an explanation. It shows that there is a superior being that is the origin of the creation and things did not happen just scientifically. Some of the activities which are well accounted for in the bible go beyond empirical explanations.

However the story being told creates a meaning to many aspects that are questionable in creation. The coordination that is there between science and the universe and all the needs of human beings are explained. Christians are called to follow the great story in order to attain fullness of the glory of God. The story is a journey that has to be followed. Conversion into Christianity means joining in and being part of the narration. Genesis 12:15, 17. The Lord gave promises to Abraham. He told him that he would have the Promised Land which can be translated as Gods promise to mankind the life in the world freely. He was also pledged to have descendants and to bless those that bless him and curse the ones that curse him. It is symbolic that the Lord is gracious to those that seek to do good to fellow humankind. In faith all the promises become fulfilled to those that are willing to follow the ways of the Lord.


There is a significant intertwine between the two different perspectives. Western civilization has led to the spread of the word of God through provision of medical care, cultural and philosophical beliefs and schools that promote gospel. Christianity has well can be attributed to the growth of western civilization. Beginning with the bible itself carries vast amounts of history, language, art and literature. According to Stansberry, the constitution of United States was largely influenced by the bible. This is evidenced by the fact that the works of the great French Christian and Philosopher Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755) were used to create the three branches of leadership.

Assignment 2:

Spiritual realities

The narration of the story at the Garden of Eden and how Adam and Eve sinned against God is the beginning of the original sin. The facts of salvation are described as a secret strategy that the Lord used to make His people understand His word. The first reality is that the Lord God is the creator. He is omnipresent, timeless and complete. His kingdom has already arrived although we are yet to experience it. John 3:16 says that He gave His only son for the sake of mankind. His death and resurrection made a seal to the promise of everlasting kingdom in heaven. It made it clear that there is life after death for those that believe in Him.

Another spiritual reality is that Jesus came to undo the consequences of sin (Batzig, 2016). In the Garden of Eden the sin committed resulted into sin and misery among Gods creation and for this reason Jesus came to save them. The book of 1 Corinthians 15:42-49 makes it clear that Jesus is the last Adam and He came to undo what was done in the garden and do much more of what God had created him to do but never had a chance to complete due to sin.

Spiritual reality also makes it clear that the healing of the spirit is more important than physical wellness. The forgiveness of sin that was guaranteed by the death and resurrection of Jesus is the real healing for body and soul. Those that believe will witness the restoration of soul after end of the world.

When Jesus performed miracles in the bible He told the victims not to go spreading the word of their healing. He did not want people to see Him as a miracle performer of the world. But for them to believe that it was mercy of God upon His creation to bring newness in their lives at times of need. Only Jesus had and still has the power to perform such miracles. Those that believe in the possibility are witnesses.

Finally, Jesus suffered all the trials and tribulations for the sake of humanity. The reality is that we make mistakes, we are not pure and that is the reason Jesus came to suffer on the cross and died then resurrected so that humankind may receive the grace of God


Despite the denial the influence of Christianity on the western world it is clear that beliefs and values that many people follow are related to what the bible instructs. The spiritual realities allow the people to be keen on what the bible says. In an attempt to follow Christ the Christians have to be converted from the state of sin and experience justification where they become free from bondage. They are then sanctified and cleansed before they receiving glorification upon death.

Something that could be added to the spiritual realities is a more vivid explanations of the end times and not just the promises. The bible gives the book of Revelation which many Christians do not understand well. If the events can be well illustrated as realities of the spirit then the people would be more vigorous in seeking the Lord. Romans 6:11, states that people should endeavor to be free from sin in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven.



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