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When people hear the word wellness, the thoughts of blood pressure, nutrition, weight management, and exercise comes to their minds. Wellness rather incorporates more than just the physical health since it is a full integration of mental, spiritual and physical well-being. When this interaction is well maintained, it results in improved quality of life. However, it does not mean that one should neglect any of them because it would cause adverse result on the overall health. This essay will discuss the seven dimensions of wellness that includes physical, intellectual, emotional, socio, occupational, environmental, and spiritual and it how they pertain to my life.

Socio wellness is the peoples ability to successfully interact with friends and families in the global community and live according to demands and expectations of individuals personal lives. It makes me learn about socio skills, and I can be able to express my feelings, ideas thoughts with confidence. It also helps me to maintain a healthy relationship with others.

Spiritual wellness is coming up with values, principles, and guiding beliefs that that act as guidance in an individuals life. It involves high levels of hope, commitments, and faith that eventually give a sense of purpose and meaning of life. Spiritual wellness helps me in seeking the purpose and meaning for my existence and to appreciate the God-given things that sometimes I cannot explain or understand. It makes curious and inquisitive of whatever I do so that it can be in line with my principles and values.

Emotional wellness is the ability to express and fell human emotions which include anger, happiness, and sadness. This dimension keeps on changing with the change in the other dimensions. Emotional wellness is a very vital dimension in my life since it gives me the ability to love and fell loved and this makes me feel fulfilled in life. It makes me seek help when am faced with challenges and have a positive attitude towards my life.

Intellectual dimension motivates people to be creative, therefore stimulate mental innovation to improve our lives. To have a healthy mind, one needs to be inspired so that the mind can be ready and willing to learn. Intellectual wellness helps me to use the available resources to expand my knowledge and improve my skills.

Physical wellness involves proper nutrition, exercise and avoiding substance abuse. It includes protecting my body from harm and injuries by wearing protective equipment such as a helmet. This dimension helps me to get regular body checkup so that diseases can be detected.

Environmental dimension is the ability to be aware that the earths state is unstable because of our daily activities to the environment. It involves minimizing environmental pollution and upholding socially responsible measures that protect the environment. The dimension makes me conserve resources such as water and forests and also reduce chemical use.

Occupation wellness is the ability to prepare and making skills, talents, and, gifts to gain happiness, purpose, and enrichment in ones life. Occupational satisfaction is brought about by a positive attitude about work. This dimension helps me in determine a career that I am gifted at so that when I commit myself to it becomes rewarding and satisfying.

Wellness has seven dimensions which include physical, intellectual, emotional, socio, occupational, environmental, and spiritual with each contributing to the quality of life and peoples sense of wellness. Each of these seven dimensions overlaps and affects each other since at different time one dimension is prominent than the should take into consideration all these dimensions to live a happy and satisfying life.


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