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A preemptive war refers to a war that is instigated with an aim to ward off or overthrow a perceived impending offensive or conquest or to gain a tactical lead in an imminent (purportedly inevitable) warfare shortly before a planned attack materializes CITATION Pau17 \l 1033 (Pauly).

The persuasion of the United States into non-intervention policy was one of the significant ideological changes in favor of the interests of the citizens. The United States established the policy with an objective of intervening in the activities of its neighboring countries; it earnestly considered superseding, primarily to rule out the planned attempts by German and other superpowers to acquire a foothold in the Western Hemisphere. The United States also established the policy to retain power balances amongst the nations in Asia and Europe so that no single nation-state might turn out to be strong enough in its areas of jurisdiction. Besides the United States has also wanted to institute and develop American strategic and trade and industry bases to shield its dynamic trade routes to the rest of the world CITATION Bel13 \l 1033 (Belmonte).

The 1936 Olympics were conducted in an overwrought, doctrinally charged environment. In 1933 the Nazi Party had risen to power after Berlin was conferred to hold the games its racialist rules steered transnational sanctions of the competitions. The United States should have participated in the Olympic sports belong to the competitors and not to political argumentations CITATION Tom06 \l 1033 (Tomlinson). Sporting activities are majorly an expenditure of the government reaping indirect benefits. It does not bring much direct financial remunerations to the state. The attempt to Adolf Hitler's attempt to see Aryan competitors triumph was not a complete success due to a medal swish brought by Jesse Owens a United States track star, athletes from German did not make the projected success. The competitions indicated Germany had magnificently crawled out of the economic drift it had fallen into after the First World War and had eventually proceeded as a prodigious host. The participation of the U.S would have given created an immense challenge to German and by so doing it would improve its economic standards.

The United States should not have joined the war, the U.S notion of "the power allies" came as a result of Second World War, the constricted affiliations that the USA had with Great Britain and nations from Western Europe was not existent.A good number of the Americans felt not only that U.S involvement in the War had been a blunder, but then that they had been duped into joining that war by domestic arms swindlers plus the British government. Pearl Harbor drove to jar the war harshly. The nation-states that established supreme industrialized war strategies with branched out supply systems and judicious applications of air power won the battle.

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