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Countries are constantly spending on their defense forces and developing new weapons for use by their military. Despite the reduction of warfare since World War II the military continues to be relevant. Every year, we see the defense forces recruiting new members of the armed forces to work within the military. This raises the question of why are countries ensuring that they are constantly ready for military force? Military Force is the use of weapons and deadly force in order protect the interest of a state and its citizens. We are experiencing violence, terrorism, genocides, and many other crimes against people of different countries in general. Many of the crimes conducted above are done by individuals who are not willing to promote peace and negotiate in a civil manner. Therefore, when the security and happiness of the members of a country are compromised then military force is justified (Travalio et.al, 2005). This is the reason as to why states are investing on their armies.

Military force is usually taken as a last resort to solving a problem. This is carried out when diplomacy fails, and a country is threatened. Before a state agrees to take military action, there are several requirements that must be met. First, there must be a real threat to the state and its borders. Secondly, it must be agreed upon by the government and other stakeholders. The people of the state must support the move to use military action as a way of defending themselves. Therefore the fear that countries may use military action maliciously is minimized. The knowledge that a country is capable and willing to defend itself discourages attacks on them by other nations and destructive groups. Moreover, the presence of military promotes peace by the formation of allies and treaties to uphold peace (Eichenberg et.al, 2005). In the past, military force has proven useful. For example, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the Americans used military force to ensure that another attack is not launched against them. Their counter attack is still remembered to date, and the effects of the army action are still felt to date. This is a good example of how military force can be used to ensure the safety and happiness of its citizens.

When it comes to fighting for the freedom of the people of a country, then military action is justified. It is the duty of the army to protect the interest of its people. Thus when the freedom of the people is limited due to undesirable external interference, then military force can be applied. Terrorism has become a problem that is affecting everyone in all countries (Travalio et.al, 2000). Terrorism has a lot of adverse effects. Apart from the loss of lives, it brings about disunity and marginalization in a community. Terrorists have managed to take innocent lives and instill fear to many people. They have also brought suspicion among people where individuals from a particular community end up discriminated. In this case, using military force to fight terrorism is justifiable. Another way in which military force is justified is in defense of weaker allies who may end up as victims of bullying. Some countries misuse their power to intimidate others and gain from the oppression. This is a good cause for military force by allies to defend the smaller countries from exploitation. Some individuals commit crimes against humanity and hurt a lot of people. Thus military force can be used to capture and stop these powerful and dangerous individuals from harming more people.

It is evident that use of military force has adverse effects. The usage of weapons especially weapons of mass destruction have extended side effects. This means that chemical effects could be felt long after the violence is over. The force also causes the death of innocent people who may be caught up in the crossfire (Eichenberg et.al, 2005). Moreover, the soldiers who participate are also put into danger, and their families suffer loss. A lot of property is also destroyed during the fighting which has adverse effects on the economy. Another effect is the disruption of peace among the people, and others develop hatred. Despite the disadvantages, it would not be wise not to take action when the security of a particular nation is at stake. There is no point in negotiating with a terrorist who is not willing to listen or compromise. The potential of a country to defend itself brings about respect among nations. The availability of chemical and biological weapons forces peace where diplomacy is non-existent. The usage of military power encourages a country to invest in its defense forces to ensure the security of its citizens. Military force has been used in the past to protect property from pirates thus improving the economy.

It is important that the citizens of a country live their lives freely without fear. Safety makes people happy and productive. Therefore, when the security of a country is breached then military action is justified. Although the army force is not a desirable way of resolving conflicts, it is sometimes necessary when it comes to the defense of a nation.


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