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Recognizing the negative impacts of climate change such as impacting the health of living things, including animals, agriculture, food and water security, impacts on the development of the economy of the country, national territory, the state of political stability, and also how it threatens international cooperation in cases where different countries are managing shared resources,

Recognizing that acting on climate change is costly, which is why the economically developed countries are expected to offer financial and technical support to the economies of transition and the developing countries,

Recalling all the necessary measures and courses of action, which are indicated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, relating to the need for global cooperation in the fight to limit climate change, encouraging decision making from the international, regional, national, sub-national, and even local environments,

Recalling the specified targets in the Kyoto Protocol which are meant to act as guidance for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also considering the agreements of the Marrakesh Accords which stipulate the sanctions meant to strengthen the Kyoto Protocol,

Realizing the fact that the international environment includes the intergovernmental organizations, while the local environment includes local governments, individuals, communities, local enterprises and even the multinational organizations,

Taking into Account the fact that the concentration of GHGs in earth's atmosphere is still high, which leads to increased global temperatures meaning that there are still some activities which are yet to be controlled to minimize the impact of climate change,

Observing the international commitment to ensure the average global temperature is limited to no more than 2 degrees Celsius hence maintaining the levels of greenhouse gases at a stable rate which will only have slight impacts on the climate system,

The General Assembly of the United Nations:

Recommends the creation of a global sanctions regime which must be implemented through a legally binding contract whereby parties who will not heed to the instructions to reduce the carbon greenhouse gas emissions will be subjected to penalties, hence encouraging accountability,

Stipulates that there are specific sanctions actions which must be included in the regime:

Any countries that do not make an effort to reduce their carbon emission levels, as well as those which emit high levels of greenhouse gases will be subjected to trade embargos;

Diplomatic sanctions, which will also feature reduction of foreign aid will be risked;

There will be a constant monitoring of countries which fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and their policies within the United Nations General Assembly will be condemned;

Calls for the development of a rewarding system which will see to it that Parties with the high reductions of greenhouse gases are awarded, such as the reduction in trade barriers between the countries and even increased foreign economic aid,

Expresses its hope that the Kyoto Protocol will indeed be a legally binding treaty, such that member commitment to limit and respond to climate change is enforced,

Urges that the target for global temperature change be reduced to 1.5 degrees Celsius to ensure progress,

Requests governments to ensure that reasonable funding is made available to the local community based projects and programs in the developing countries, so as to ensure they get the necessary support in the struggle to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

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