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Why do we make art?

The reasons for making art varies from one artist to the other depending on their immediate environment or circumstances facing them at the time of doing the project. If one is in a country that is being ruled by a dictator, he will make an art representing his political statement. If one is in a state which is facing a calamity, he will do a piece of art to show his current plight. This is a public need to create.

Many artists have done such pieces. An example is Otto (1924) painting of advancing Nazi soldiers with a gas mask. Some artists just have that personal urge in them to create something new. They want to be unique and create their pathway in the art industry or self-actualization due to the passion they have for the art.

Who is an artist?

An artist is an individual who is involved in creating, performing and displaying a work of art. He engages in activities that bring life to everyday objects that without his input it will go unnoticed. Through his unique mode of seeing things, he captivates the emotions of his audience. Through his innovative and artistry concept, we can see the world in different aspects and appreciate it.

What is the difference between art and craft?

They are both forms and means of creativity. Though they are separate entities one without the other will not be complete. They complement each other. Art can be said to be a concept and emotion while craft is the skillful physical manipulation of an object to depict the emotion

What is art?

Art is a full field of activities that we humans take part in by creating an impression and manifesting our imagination to an audience who are moved by its dramatic appeal. It can be scrutinized by looking at the concepts and components of art. According to Tolstoy (1897), Art can be described as the awakening of an individual desire which he once went through, and demonstrating it to relay feelings and emotions in the present. This means art is limitless it has no boundaries or fixed guidelines which one must adhere too. Each day new forms of art and expression come into place.

The need of an artist to create can be seen when one looks at art nouveau piece red house, Bexleyheath. The house was constructed out of the owners personal needs and not the community. Ashmore (5, 26) says Morris loved craftsmanship and he incorporated it well in the construction of the house. Hector Guimard designed the entrance to the Porte Dauphine metro station in Paris for the people hence its communal. He did not design it for his personal gratification.



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