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The American shad is a popular fish that when cooked is flavored enough not to require additional spices. An adult shad weighs between 3-8 pounds and spends most of its life in the Atlantic Ocean Shad is commonly known as hickory shad, and its scientific name is Alosa mediocris. The seafood belongs to a species of fish known as anadromous clupeid fish and is distributed on the North American coast in Atlantic

In most cases, a bit of vinegar is applied on shad roe during serving so as to improve its taste. There are confirmations that the eggs from shad are very delicious and hence their demand has increased, shad from America has a very high nutrition benefit of omega three fatty acids. The fatty acids are helpful in preventing inflammations and balancing hormone levels. Also, shad is preferred by most clients in the market as it contains almost two times the weight of wild salmon. Moreover, shad is highly regarded for its value in sports fish and the role that it plays in culture and politics.

Shad fish is safe for consumption; however, there are instances when advisories might be issued. The fish is affected by mercury substances that result from combustion of coal. Such contaminations kill shad fish and hence reduce their population. For example, warnings might be given to sources that are suspected to be highly contaminated with poisonous substances. Such contaminations may cause bacteria that cause illnesses to fish and hence make them unsafe for human consumption. Such advisories are more directed towards older adults, pregnant women, and children.

In the past days, shad fish was caught in set nets together with salmon. The Nets were hung from poles and then thrown into the shores. Today, a significant percentage of the rivers are polluted by contaminants, and hence the population of shad fish has declined. However, scientists have found that the life of shad fish is too short to be affected by pollution of its environment.

Shad fish is usually available throughout the whole year although its season is highest during spring. To get the best shad fish in the market both for home consumption and restaurants, one should go for fish that has moisture and a mild scent. The shad fish that is fresh ought to have bulging eyes that are out and red in color. Also, the gills should be pink. Rappahannock

Oyster Bar is one of the local restaurants that serve shad roe as their main dish. The roe is usually served with a brown butter emulsion, fried capers, and grilled bread. The restaurant has a reliable supplier who delivers high quality fish and in real time. The source of the shad fish can be trusted, and the fish is caught using the long-line method of fishing. I believe that the restaurant is exceptionally flexible in considerations about offering other types of fish in their menu. Some of their plans include adding sushi rice which has its origin from Japanese menu.


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