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To do list is a strategy to guarantee an activity is directed most productively. It ensures a given undertaking is aimed in an exceptionally clear order. It enables a person to deal with the work practically and efficiently. The to do list is predominantly arranged by the different necessities of the particular task (Trevino et al. 17). The accompanying is, in this way, the schedule showing how to be a decent Greek cook. I am not a flawless cook, and I lack creativity while in the kitchen. I do not have the nature of a decent Greek cook just because I do not rehearse regularly. All my relatives are great cooks. As a man, cooking is one of the exercises that I significantly did not have the intrigue. I did not focus on a child to take in the cooking aptitudes. Nonetheless, now that I am remaining alone, food is fundamental, and I should be a decent cook. I trust one of the issues to why I do not have the characteristics of a Greek cook is the inability to develop a perfect recipe while making food. Neglecting to do what is necessary is likewise motivation to why I am not a decent cook. To be a decent Greek cook, I, along these lines, need to guarantee the accessibility of the great recipe, every now and again work on preparing and consequently take care of the issues. This schedule can empower me to turn into a decent Greek cook:

Choose one Greek food to prepare every month. I will thus research about the food to determine the correct recipe, the procedure of making the dish and thus master the preparation of the food.

Every recipe found will be shared on different blogs. They will comprise of the recipes from the best cooking articles, websites, and journals. I will share the same with friends to ensure the recommendation motivates my future preparation of food and research.

I will ask for help from the different professionals and friends to ensure I gain appropriate skills for the development of the Greek food. I will ensure I learn the best approaches to preparing the dishes and the kitchen secrets required to become a good Greek cook.

I will post different cooking photos captured while in the kitchen on various social media platforms such as face book, twitter, and Instagram. This will allow different other people to comment on my cooking skills and the preparing process of the Greek foods.

I will ensure the development of different house parties and celebration for my friends where I will be the main cook to ensure the preparation of the Greek foods. This will ensure the community, and specifically, friends test the food and thus respond to the food facilitating the improvement of my cooking skills.

Attending more cooking lessons and symposiums will facilitate the acquisition of more skills. This is an opportunity to interact with the best and to prepare food under the strict supervision of not only experienced but also qualified professionals. Furthermore, such events enable an individual to watch how others behave and perfume different tasks while at the kitchen. This will consequently enhance the kitchen behaviors and thus facilitate the development of a good Greek cook.

In conclusion, to do list is a rudimentary approach that encourages the compelling advancement of various exercises. Each occasion and process requires the improvement of a schedule that guarantee the correct use of time and lucky acknowledge of the objectives of the particular event. A schedule additionally gives a compelling learning background and safeguards an individual pick up the best aptitudes required to be fruitful.


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