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Over the past decade, significant efforts on people living with HIV pandemic, along with reducing the stigma that they go through in their daily lives have had tremendous side effects. For the most part, the prevalence of HIV in different population is because of engaging in unsafe sexual behaviors with the infected persons. Some practices such as sharing injecting devices, unsafe practices on blood transfusion also facilitate transmission of HIV. HIV pandemic has profoundly affected the global economy whereby healthcare expenditures on HIV have led to the downsizing of the global economy. Besides, workers who live with HIV fail to be productive on work. Therefore, if workers are not productive, economic production is greatly affected. Given unsafe complacency of HIV pandemic, over 40 million people of the global population live with HIV. Therefore, proper measures such as safe sexual practices are projected in reducing the spread of HIV.

In the recent years, science has offered solutions through the global commitment to reduce the spread of HIV pandemic. Importantly, the success of science in curbing the global transmission of HIV has resulted to exemplified preventions that have reduced the spread of the epidemic. At the most basic level, science has projected for the use of 100 percent condom program (Landovitz 395). The program encourages the single individuals to use condoms, which has considerably contributed to reducing the risk of spreading HIV. Significant advances such as using a combination of antiretroviral therapy are one of the measures that science uses in the treatment of HIV.

Christians have maximized their efforts in curbing the spread of HIV. However, their solution in reducing the spread of HIV to some extent compromises with the solution offered by science. Christians offer education to people on positive and responsible living. They explain to people on the consequences that HIV pandemic cause to people. Indeed, they give moral teachings that emphasize the importance of conjugal living. According to Christians, they discourage use of condoms as a measure to prevent the spread of HIV. Instead, they tell people not to engage in sexual behaviors unless they are married. For those who are married, they have to be faithful to each other to avoid contracting and spreading HIV. According to Christians, procreation is a creative plan of God (BryantDavis 388). They believe people receive a gift of life from God, are empowered to become co-creators, and should not use condoms instead be faithful to each other to reduce the spread of HIV.The spread of HIV pandemic is at an alarming rate. As an individual, I will create awareness of HIV to people of the populace world through media. I will champion various programs on media that explain the risks associated with HIV and speared the use of preventive measures such as the use of condoms, faithfulness, and abstinence from sexual relationships not unless the individuals are married. Through this awareness programs, the spread of HIV pandemic will greatly be reduced.


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