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The event that took place in the 9/11 shows a rupture of Americas understanding of the rest of the words. Before the crash of the plane in the North tower, we as citizens of New York were doing their normal activities. It was after the labor day and people were resuming their duties, sending children to school and other fastening the voting to do their civic duties by casting votes in the primary election. This many activities played a major role in saving peoples lives that fateful day.

The 9/11 museum has acquired material related to the 11th September tragedy. One example is a pin-back button worn by supporters of Betsy Gotbaum, who was running as a Democrat for Public Advocate. Gotbaum, who left her position as president of the New-York Historical Society the previous spring to launch her campaign, was on the streets that morning greeting passersby while urging them to vote. As a result of the collapse of the World Trade Center, Governor George Pataki declared a statewide emergency and suspended the elections, which were rescheduled for September 25. The button recalls that immediately prior to the terrorist strikes on the United States, New York Citys lead media story focused on the hotly fought contests for Democratic mayor, public advocate and other office nominations.

It is noted that in many way Donald Trump's victory on the American election was is a collateral damage from the war of terror. The profound changes in Americas political culture and values in response to 9/11 created a crack that Trump, the entrepreneur and political speculator, was able to open wide enough so as to slip into the White House. A philosopher Slavoj Zizek defined war of Terror as a sea change in 2006 before and after the essay for the guardian, September 11 is the symbol of the end of this utopia, a return to real history. A new era is here with new walls universally, between Israel and Palestine, around the EU, on the US-Mexico and Spain-Morocco borders. It is an era with new forms of apartheid and legalized suffering. As President Bush said after September 11, America is in a state of war.

The war of terror created a condition where policies and decisions that are thought as impossible in USA would be made routine and quotidian. Policies such as extraordinary rendition and state sponsored torture and massive surveillance method that intruded on peoples lives. After the war of Terror. A negative impact was left on the political culture of America. George Bush worked over the failed presidency that exacerbated the countrys political culture he was able to stoke an instill fear on terrorist who brought attack in America to win the election and invade Iraq under the trick of preventive self-defense

The war on terror also coincided with an increase in dictatorship and ethnocentrism among the white people of Americas. Political scientist has shown how Donald Trump ascendance and his ability to win over the right-learning independent voters os directly tied to this phenomenon. While the economic factors described by Donald Trump ae pretty much a dispute, the fact that America's economy has not fully received for the Great Recession is not true. Americas economy was on the verge as people like the Nobel prize winner who was an economist Joseph Stoglitz said that the war on Iraq itself cots the American citizens over $3trillion. The goal of Osama Bin laden and the al-Qaida also led to the drain of the economy

The deindustrialization Midwest and rural America are the core of Americas military casualties on the War of Terror. A large number of dead and wounded soldiers not mentioning those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other long term maladies are a real and human reminder of how policy decisions affect communities around the country. These communities feel abandoned and neglected and disconnected from politicians, the mainstream news. There can be seen a resistance against Trump unpopular presidential election hastening. He may as well turn the national security state made by the war on terror against his political enemies and the American people en masse

September 11 and the result in war on terror did not cause the election of Donald trump but they helped enable it. They brought out the worst characters in many Americans and helped to create a state of national derangement fueled by revenge and fear. Trump, the demagogue and authoritarian, harnessed those political demons and rode them to victory over Clinton to the White House.

Our chance in preventing 9/11 from happening in the country will require a new administration and a president whether republican or democrat ready to take a bold foreign policy. He needs to pursue a handed policy. The administration and its party will have to transcend the fears of most politicians and the pressure of many groups supporting hard-line policies


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