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Student Name Date Computer 1 Computer 2 Computer 3

Website or store


Model Inspiron 22 3000 Series (AMD) Non-Touch

Acer Aspire XC-703 Desktop

HP All-in-One Computer Pavilion 22-b010

Price $430 $379 $450

Processor type AMD E2-7110 APU with Radeon

Intel Core i3-4160 Dual-Core processor

AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 APU with Radeon

Processor speed 1.8 GHZ 3.6 GHz 2GHz

Memory type RAM RAM RAM

Memory amount 4GB 6GB 4GB

Hard drive capacity 500GB 1TB 1TB

Additional equipment/features

Windows 8.1 os

Dell mouse


Windows 10 64-bit OS, 1 year warranty, Windows 10 64-bit OS

Additional purchases required/recommended Printer

Scanner Monitor


Scanner Printer


From the described use, the computer should be able to run a Windows Operating System preferably windows 7 and above. One of the key software the club needs to run on the computer is Microsoft office 2016. According to Microsoft support, the minimum requirements for the machine to run this software are; processor speed should be 1gb, 2GB RAM, 3GB disk space and monitor with at least 1280 x 800 screen resolution. But for the disk capacity, the maximum available with the budget is highly recommended because among the major use will be storing information (Microsoft, 2017).

From the above information, each of the three computers available meets the threshold. However, the club's budget is limited and therefore we have to choose the one gives maximum value for their money. When we consider processing speed and hard drive capacity, Dells Inspiron 22 3000 Series (AMD) Non-Touch does not give value for the investment. Between the two, ACER and HP, choices remaining, I would recommend ACERs Aspire XC-703 Desktop. This is because one can easily get a good monitor at only $85 making the sum total cost $465 (Walmart, 2017). Though the cost will be higher by about $15 dollars, the club will have a computer with superior processing speeds (3.6 GHz) and 6GB RAM compared to 2GHz and 4GB RAM at a cost of $450.

For peripherals, I would recommend an Epson WF-2760 All-in-One which has a scanner, a copier, and a printer all at $80 from Amazon. For the Office software, I would recommend an annual Office 365 Personal subscription at about $70, which gives them access to all features they will require (Foley, 2017). The total cost will come up to about $615, which is within their budget.



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