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Municipal solid waste is an environmental issue that is discussed by both Laohalidanond et al. (2015) and Scarlat et al. (2015). The two articles agree that municipal solid waste refers to non-hazardous substances that are generated from routine activities involving human beings. There are similarities and differences of information in the two articles. The two articles concur that municipal solid waste could be from household activities, industrial activities, institutional activities, markets, streets, and yards. Laohalidanond et al. (2015) reveal that urbanization, economic growth, and population growth has led to an increase in municipal solid waste in Asian cities. It is revealed that cities that have higher incomes and higher populations tend to generate a higher amount of municipal solid waste. Scarlat et al. (2015) also reveal that there has been an increase in municipal solid waste due to urbanization, economic prosperity and population growth. Laohalidanond et al. (2015) reveal that the composition of municipal solid waste depends on the income of the inhabitants of a given municipality. It was revealed that low-income municipalities tend to produce organic waste that is more organic whereas high-income municipalities tend to produce municipal solid waste that is less organic. Cities that have similar living standards tend to produce municipal solid wastes of an almost similar composition. It is also revealed by the two articles that municipalities tend to have problems when it comes to dealing with municipal solid waste. There tends to be a problem when it comes to infrastructure that is involved in collecting and treating municipal solid waste. However, Scarlat et al. (2015) are emphatic on the energy potential of municipal solid waste.

Scarlat et al. (2015) opine that energy that is recovered from waste can play an important role when it comes to minimizing the impact that municipal solid waste has on the environment. Scarlat et al. (2015) are more objective because it provides suggestions on how municipal solid waste can be harnessed for energy production. On the other hand, Laohalidanond et al. (2015) only discuss the problem of municipal solid waste, but it does not offer concrete solutions to the problem.


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Laohalidanond, K., Chaiyawong, P., & Kerdsuwan, S. (2015). Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics and Green and Clean Energy Recovery in Asian Megacities. Energy Procedia, 79, 391-396.

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