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Society and institutions have different views about inclusive education. Some view it as an education system that promotes diversity among children while others view it as ways of encouraging discrimination among school going children (Deng & Poon- McBrayer, 2012). Inclusive education system allows children of different cultural backgrounds to learn in the same class and in the same school without disregarding their physical and mental disabilities. According to my opinion, I believe that inclusive education is a good idea that our country should adopt (Marsh, 2014). Although it is a good education system, I first need to find out whether our nation has a good understanding of inclusive education (Zheng et al.2016). I my feeling I believe that it is the philosophy, that allows diverse students, teachers, families and even community members to form a school (Tsang, 2013). This kind of school accepts students that have different needs including those with disabilities. Inclusive education allows learners to have equal opportunities and responsibilities as stated by Spenser, Inclusive education aims at establishing shared, compassionate and nurturing students by offering them the required services and accommodation that necessary for their success. Furthermore, it allows the student from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other (Wang & Guanglun, 2014).

I strongly support, the action that the Government of China and England for having introduced inclusive education because it reduces the number of students with special needs from joining special schools but allows them to learn together with other students together without discrimination. Based on this, it allows all learners to establish a positive understanding of themselves and others (Glazzard, 2013). Learning together in the same class with children with different backgrounds allows learners to appreciate diversity and foster a positive understanding of other people cultures (Laughlan & Greig, 2015). Finally, inclusive education helps students develop friendship and togetherness which is an essential step of uniting a nation. From that point of view, I strongly support inclusive education based on the benefits it has over the normal education system.


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