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The human population has been increasing in the United States of America in the past few decades. This tremendous population growth has pushed the people to the limit the available resources. Housing facilities have not been left behind. As a basic human need, only the rich have been able to get comfortable homes, yet the poor have been driven beyond the limit by the economy to the extent of having no place to call home. Fundamentally, homelessness is caused by the low supply of housing facilities to the low and middle-income earners (Stets, 2007). It leaves a moderate and or a middle-income earner with a battle of what to prioritize between food, clothing, and housing. Notably, an individual at this state cannot rent a house or construct his or her own at the house the expense of little or no food at all. Therefore, the only option is to let go the construction or renting the house. They would rather stay in the cold in a full stomach than rent a house with nothing left to buy food.

As the homeless population overwhelmingly increased, their perception that the homeless population was only found in the inner city raw areas of the United States and not in the countryside was disapproved by the recent researches. These studies revealed that some of the population are staying in some nonmetropolitan, sub-urban and many rural locales. It is because the homeless youths become homeless parents, who ultimately parent homeless children; process which overstretches the city corridors and verandas (Todd, 2005). They also ran out of food and thus become hostile to their fellows forcing them to quite. When it rains, they are rained on, when the sun shines; it scorches their skins and shiver when the wind blows. A few have been through this for a day or two in a lifetime. These homeless populations go through this on a daily basis. It does not leave them standard but makes them resort to drug abuse and hostility. Most of them will say that the drugs help them to stop a lot of worries. With time they become addicts.

When we drive, we hoot mercilessly and splash storm water at them, upon meeting them one would rather change the direction when they are seen in the yard, one shouts for help and locks themselves. Notably, this extent of discrimination makes them feel like lesser of human beings (Stets, 2007). This is why you will always find them in small groups making their own stories in isolation. They also do not want troubles with people and so some of them stay in the dumping sites so that they can have peace of mind, access to the disposed of foods, rugs and other valuables that they can obtain for their use. Life in the garbage area isn't pleasing at all. They always suffer injuries from broken glass to rusty iron to harmful chemicals from disposed of batteries and electronics. Their children play with dangerous objects causing deep cuts which usually go unattended. They also suffer from diseases due to exposure to harsh conditions and inhaling harmful gases whenever the disposed of objects are set on fire.

Fear, anxiety and worry occur predominantly in the life of homeless individuals (Stets, 2007). Just like any other people, they would want to marry, have a family, parent their children and provide for their families. These emotional characteristics subject them to depression especially when they seem to be unachievable considering their present state of life. Ultimately, some have been forced to indulge in pickpocketing, robbery, and drug trafficking.

Some cartels use them because they are cheap and ready to risk to the point of losing their lives. In most situations, their parents are also miserable enough not to caution them of the risks involved, and so they perish in the hands of the corps in open gunfire exchanges. Homeless individuals also form the majority of the people in prisons of the United States and the illiterate population. To reduce the state of homelessness in the United States, the government should play integral roles in providing affordable housing facilities, schools and reclaim the vast arid and semi-arid land in the United States and absorb this population to practice Agriculture (Todd, 2005). Through this, other industries will be created, and homelessness and unemployment will be completely eradicated.


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