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FAC (Florida Airport Council) is a committed council which main aim is to maintain the environment. The Fort Lauderdale received an award for its sustainable strategic programs. These programs are meant to protect and conserve the natural resources. Broward County keeps its commitment to environmental stewardship the council has implemented different programs that are sustainable. The airport facilities and operations are carried out sustainably.

Noise is one of the most disruptive of the environment in airports. Fort Lauderdale has come up with initiatives to reduce noise pollution by improving engine design and use sound absorbers and suppressors. The airplanes used in this airport reduce the transmission medium by increasing the distance between receptor and source and the usage of sound-absorbing techniques and materials in construction. The FAA and federal agencies such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conduct research on how to reduce noise emitted from planes (Rai, 2016). According to these agencies, the initiatives of reducing noise include engine and airframe design, flight operation techniques and procedures. The operator has implemented these factors by making sure that the engines and the airframe are designed in a manner that they will be less noise coming from them. Flights follow a specific procedure to make sure that they do not collide in the air. The pilots are also trained to follow certain procedures and techniques. In airport vicinity, there is a complete compatibility survey of the land-use planning. The airport is located in an area that is not densely populated so that many will not be affected by the noise (Li, 2008).

Another environmental impact airport has the crash hazards. The people residing near it may be afraid of what can happen in the airport. To control this Florida airport has been constructed away from homes and buildings to reduce the chances of crash and destruction of individuals. NEPA and other agencies urge the contractors to be very careful in the location of an airport because an aircraft crash happens in a direct/straight line within a mile at runways end (Fensch, 2015). Fort Lauderdale operator has implemented this by making sure that the end runways are clear to reduce the number of accidents. The operator also makes sure that interpretive guidance under the FAAP program.

Air pollution is another environmental hazard of the Fort Lauderdale airport. Oxides of Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide are the gases emitted from jet aircraft when landing and takeoff. These gasses pollute the air that people and animals breathe if they are emitted in large amounts (Nahlik, Chester, Ryerson, & Fraser, 2016). This environmental problem has low effect on the environment, and therefore the operator has not keenly put on measures to control the emissions, but they make sure that they are reduced in the small amount that cannot harm the environment.

In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale is an airport well known for the way it implements several strategies which are environmentally sustainable. The airport received an award for its initiatives to conserve the natural resources such as air. The major environmental issues include noise, air pollution, and crash hazards. In each of these issues, the operator has come up with strategies on how to deal with them. These strategies include proper engine and aircraft design and sound absorbers to control the amount of noise. If all airports follow the sustainable strategies used at Fort Lauderdale, there will be less environmental problems from airports.


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