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It is important to note that a hazard is an agent which has the potential to cause harm. People are faced with different types of hazards in their environment. In regarding terror attack on the Pentagon, some of the potential hazards include smoke, dust, flammable gases, noise, falling objects, vibrations, fire, and stress.

On the attack of Pentagon, the Federal government has the jurisdiction of addressing the matter including the potential hazards. The Pentagon is a national symbol for the country. in that light, the Federal government must establish ways on how it will ensure the safety of the people in that building. One of the jurisdictions that the federal government needs to establish is to put various measures to prevent some of the potential hazards. As much as the secure at the Pentagon might be tight, it does not guarantee the safety of all the people. On attacking the Pentagon, the common hazards are the smoke that might experience due to the results of fire outbreak. To prevent such measures, the Federal government must ensure that it install water sprinklers in all rooms that will help to put out the fire. Also, the Pentagon needs to be designed in such a way that it has huge windows that allow the flow of air within that building (Senuta, 2012). The free flow of air will help to bring in oxygen for the people who will be trapped inside the Pentagon. Also, the government installs fire extinguishers in strategic places that the people can use to put our fire.

One of the chemical hazards that are likely to be experienced when attacking the Pentagon is the harmful sprays with chemicals. In such cases, it will affect the people who will be inside the Pentagon. Such type of chemical tends to have a severe effect on the eyes on the mouth of the people. To prevent such cases, the government should put protective gas mask that the people working at the Pentagon can use in case the terrors use chemical hazards.

Regarding biological hazards, the terror group can use bacteria to harm the people working inside the Pentagon. For example, they might force them to drink water which is contaminated with bacteria which will react with their bodies (Hughe, 2016). This is a common aspect that terrorist use on various occasions. Different types of bacteria tend to act differently on the body of a person (Browne 2016).

One foreseeable challenge for disaster managers is the type of policies that the government would establish. In some cases, the government tends to pass certain laws that contribute to those hazards. For example, it is the responsibility of government to ban any chemical that poses hazards to the community. However, some politicians might be against that move since they are benefiting in a way from those firms (Harris,2016). The government needs to put proper measures that will ensure such type of attacks is no experienced in the country. However, it will also be difficult for the government to identify areas that another terrorist group will use to attack the Pentagon. For example, the Terrorist might use biological hazards to attack the Pentagon, in that case, it will be difficult for the government to narrow down on the type of biological hazards that would be used.


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