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Nylon was developed in the 1930s, and it was used in the World War II as an alternative to silk. It was prepared by Wallace Carothers at the DuPont Chemical Company, which continues to manufacture it today. Its strength, elasticity, weight, and resistance to mildew helped the Allies to win World War II since it was used to make parachutes and ropes (Fazal &Kevin 844). It was loved by many people because it was comfortable, easily disposable and also easy to use. Moreover, nylon was loved by many women since they used it as fabric, and thus it transformed the fashion industry.

Plastic is made through a chemical process called ring opening polymerization, in which a molecule with a cyclic shape is opened and flattened (Choi et al. 9387). Many fibers are made through a chemical reaction between two monomers that is why they are not as durable as nylon. Therefore, I love plastic since it is strong thus not susceptible to tear and wear. Moreover, when the fiber is stretched, the fibers even out, thin, and smooth until they reach a point where they can stretch out no longer, but yet they are still adamant. After nylon is extruded in a thread form, therefore, it is drawn or pulled after it cools to make long, even fibers (Fazal &Kevin 842). Also, I love nylon since it does not tangle. It stays straights in thin parallel lines, the molecules of the particles in the molecular chain bond very well thus giving fiber its strength. Besides, nylon is very durable and resistant to damage. Therefore, fabrics made out of nylon last very long. Nylon is used to make fabrics that withstand a lot of forces such as bulletproof vests, helmets, toothbrushes, carpets, rackets, guitar strings, surgical stitches and even some car parts. Its ability to stay in natural shape makes it easy to wear and use.

Nylon has a very light weight and thus is easy to carry around. Moreover, many people love wearing it, especially during summer seasons since it does not absorb a lot of heat. Nylon is very sensitive to heat and should be washed and dried on cool settings (Fazal &Kevin, 934). Therefore, many campers and swimmers find it very favorable for making tents, backpacks and swim suits and also because of its ability to dry very fast. Also, it is very flexible, and thus it is used for a broad range of activities. It can be utilized as fabrics to make clothes; it can also be used to make climbing equipment such as ropes because it does not decay easily and also used as threads to make stockings. Its wide range of applications makes it favorable for many people to use it, unlike other fibers which favor a particular group of users.

Nylon absorbs dye very quickly, and thus fabrics can be made into many colors which make it more appealing to customers. Moreover, it can be used for a multiple of purposes, and thus most people find it very favorable. Nylon is the most used polymer in the world today. Many people use it in the daily activities since it is versatile and has unique characteristics that make it favorable for multiple uses. Moreover, it is the second used fiber in the United States since it is unyielding and can withstand a lot of pressure and also it is very easy to use (Choi et al. 9387). However, its resistance to decay makes it very pollutant since when disposed of it does not decompose like other fibers, but rather it accumulates and fills the earth with many unwanted products.


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