Discussion Example: Issues in Providing Services to Abused and Neglected Children

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Instructor's post 1 (a):

Discuss problems or issues in providing services to abused and neglected children. Discuss current attempts and possible solutions to address these problems. Defend your reasoning.

Student 1 initial response:

I believe that child neglect and abuse has a significant effect on public health concern globally. According to WHO indicates that there has been a tremendous increase in cases of child neglect and abuse over the past ten years? This rise is attributed to socio-economic and demographic challenges that in one way or another influence the health of children. Based on public health reports in the United States, there are over three million children who undergo neglect and other facing abusive conditions both at school and home. It is evident that children living under such conditions experience a wide array of adverse health effects.

Student 2 Response:

I have been a direct victim of child abuse once in my life, whereby I was forced to work at a very tender age, just to make ends meet. I believe that various regulations and policies have been put in place both by the state and by other relevant stakeholders in the department of public health. The full implementation of these policies still facing numerous challenges especially due to demographic complexities among this population. Immense resources need to be put in place for there to be efficient and sustainable programs to improve the general well-being of children. Children are the future, and thus much priority should be put into their care.

Part b: Identify and discuss what you believe to be the most important policy issues facing children today. Why do you think the policy issue is so important?

Student 3 response:

I believe that strict regulations and policies should be enforced by the state against those who take part in abusing or neglecting children. It does not necessarily have to their child for them to take proper care. We should all strive to make the world we live in a better place, and children should be a significant step in achieving this.

Instructor's post 2 (a): Is a health care a social justice issue? Why or why not? Should the U.S. adopt a national health care policy?

Student 4 response:

Healthcare can be considered a social justice issue mainly because it transverses across all people in the society, whether old or young. Over the years, there have been emerging health concerns including; substance abuse, Diabetes, Obesity, HIV/AIDS, mental disorders just to name a few. According to WHO, every person has a right to healthy living. It means that all individuals in a society should be provided with the highest level of medical care regardless of their background. The United States government should adopt a national health care policy that will promote and sustain a healthy population.

Student 3 response:

It is important to note that a healthy nation is a working government, therefore an over-all development in the economy. A national health care policy should be all-inclusive and resource centered. Similarly, it should be community-centered as this will boost its sustainability as well as performance. Adopting a national health care policy will help curb the emerging public health issues such as HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Psychological disorders, etc. Also, healthcare systems might be legislation or initiatives in nature. For example, public education and awareness on these health issues can be an effective national health care policy.

Instructor's post 2 (b): Discuss the tensions and controversies surrounding involuntary commitment of the mentally ill. What solutions/recommendations can you suggest? What are some of the social costs associated with poor mental health? Who should be responsible for paying for the costs of mental health care?

Student 5 response:

Mental health has been among the top emerging public health concerns. Over the years, there have multiple controversies surrounding the mentally ill. Most individuals tend to disassociate themselves with patients having mental issues. In other words, people with psychological needs lack the care they require. These people sometimes lack basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Student 1 response:

I remember I once was selected to visit a mentally-ill patient's facility to help with the daily chores. Most of my partners turned down the invite simply because of the negative notion they had on these people. Mentally ill individuals should be treated with care and affection. It is not the case looking at the high numbers of unattended mentally ill persons.

Student 3 final response:

I support the fact that both the government and other organizations related to public health should develop programmes to care for this population. These initiatives will be of great impact in paying for the costs of mental health care. I urge all my colleagues to change the way they think of the mentally ill. This way, we will all provide them a suitable healthy environment.



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