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This interview is one of my best shows mainly because Charlie rose manages to bring arguably top architectures in the world to discuss their ideas. In the show are Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Zara Hadid and Frank Gehry all of whom are respected architects from different countries. All of these architects have different sets of ideas about various architecture works, but all of them agree that creative architecture works should be based on certain rules. They argue that too much freedom in architecture might be causing the side effect of losing somewhere. In fact, when Jean Nouvel is asked about his first approach to a given project, he acknowledges that before implementing his ideas he will have to do what every designer has to do when designing a project. That is to evaluate the big picture, the environment, the situation and the lifestyles of people around the place.

I heard a lot of ideas from these architects, but the most interesting set of ideas came from these fields. Ways of making space, the process of realizing ideas and visions, concern for the characterization of the city and their thoughts on sustainability, energy, LEED and the environment and how these affect their practices. First, on their concern for and the characterization of the city, Jean Nouvel explains that he likes to characterize cities as a puzzle where he seeks to find the missing piece of the puzzle. He adds that a city is done by collage consisting of several buildings and an additional piece of architecture might turn the city into a better place.

Second, on their concern for and their way of making space, Zara Hadid explains that space, in reality, can be way more complicated than the space in the art world. In fact, according to her architects nowadays are more concern with space than they are concerned with the buildings. She says that it is one of the architects jobs to continually look for new techniques to stimulate the built environment both on the interior and on the exterior.

Third, on their process of realizing ideas and vision, Nouvel explains that his ideas about a specific project lie in the realms of emotions since according to him architecture can be a way of channeling sensations just like painting, sculpture, and writing. These architects believe that most of their ideas come from observing the way people live and interact with their environment.

Finally, on their thoughts on sustainability, these architects explain that all of them prefer their works to be unique, however, sometimes the surrounding environment does not allow them to express themselves freely. Therefore with this kind of challenge at hand, they are motivated to come up with projects that allow them to address this limitation. To come up with such projects they require a concept-rooted designed which has been constructed from a context-rooted study and research. They argue that even if the new trend of sustainability gives them new guidelines and directions in creating a new language of architecture, they will still need to find effective techniques of keeping the balance between sustainability and way of space. This is because there is a coherency that should be achieved in the design principle, where the discipline of architecture, idea, and place should form together like an equilateral triangle just like we learned in the class.

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