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The criminal defense lawyer is one of the important jobs in the criminal justice field. The work of a criminal defense justice is to defend people who are charges for any offense. Their job is very important as some people are judged guilty while in a real sense they have not committed any crime. Some police officer might arrest people without proper investigation. As such, it is the work of the criminal defense lawyer to ensure that justice has been served. Some criminal defense justice is privately retained, while others are hired by various jurisdiction. However, all of them perform the same function which is to defend the accused. The law is very clear that a person is innocent unlit charged guilty the court of law.

Based on that interview, I learned several aspects relating to the work of a criminal defense justice. First, they must have detailed information about the client's case. In the past, people assume that the state should not give any information about an accused and that they can only present it in the court of law. However, the criminal defense lawyer is permitted by the law to know what a person is accused of before the case is presented to the court. As such, the criminal defense lawyer could plan in advance on how to defend the accused person.

Another aspect that I learned was that some people who were defended are indeed guilty. In that past, I used to believe that the criminal defense lawyer should only represent people whom he believes that they were arrested without any mistake. However, through the interview, I learned that they job was to represent all types of people. I also learned that they have a good relationship with other lawyers as well as the judges in the court system many people assume that since the judge makes the final decision, he/she is not supposed to know any of the lawyers in the court room. However, it is certain that criminal justice field is like any other job in which people can relate well with other professionals in that field. Also, based on that interview, I learned that some accused people could lie to their defense lawyer which in most cases make their work to be very difficult. It is important for people to trust them with all the information even if they have been accused wrongly or indeed they committed those mistakes.

There is several benefits of working as a criminal defense lawyer. First, it is one of the most paying jobs in the country. Most of them are paid depending on the type of cases they handle. As such, they can have a comfortable life. Also, they are being paid even if a person doesnt win that case presented before the court. Many people assume that the criminal defense lawyers are only paid once they win a case. Another benefit of working as a criminal defense lawyer is that it covers the entire criminal field. As such, people who work in this sector have a wide range of skills compared to others who have specialized in one file like the police officers.

Some of the risks of working in this career is that they might defense a person who is indeed guilty of certain charges. If that person is set free, he/she might commit the same mistake again which includes hurting or killing people. Another risk of this career is that they have taken an oath and they must work within their jurisdiction since they can also be arrested and charged. Also, if they commit the certain offense, their permit could be revoked and they cannot work as defense lawyers in any state in the country. Also, their work itself is risky as they might be working on a certain dangerous case which people could try to kill them to prevent the truth from being established. It is certain that many criminal defense lawyers in the country have been murdered by unknown people as they were working on certain cases.

The people who work as criminal defense justice contribute a lot to the law and justice in our society. First, they ensure that people are given a fair trial before they can be judged guilty. Some people might be innocent by they do not know how to represent themselves in the court system. The work of the criminal defense lawyer is to analyze all the information presented before the case and try to look for a loophole that they could use to set a person free. As such, they have studied for many years making them be professional as the lives of people might depend on them.

The work of the criminal defense justice also promotes law and justice in the society by making people understand the importance of the court system. The police could be harassing people without the intervention of the defense justice. In fact, in the recent years, the cases of police harassing people before they are arrested have reduced as they can also be charged.

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