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The personal mystery is more than skills and competence since it involves approaching life as a creative work or living live from original points instead of living from reactive viewpoints. This means that for one to become a competent leader; he or she must start by leading his self. As for myself, I believe I was born leader, and this has influenced me significantly as I look for means of developing my character. Effective leadership involves influence because successful leaders start by learning how to influence themselves their behaviour, their lifestyles, and their interpersonal associations (Cunliffe, 2004). I have mastered myself hence can set a positive example with ease. I do not have to spend most of the time persuading people to buy on my ideas since people already like them, and in case they do not I put down those ideas. Personal mastery is a process of affirming individual strength as well as recognizing weakness to facilitate a growth towards wholeness. People have to acknowledge their strengths and talents as well acknowledge their hidden and underdevelopment characters.

As a person, authentic individuals value themselves and who they are in life. A dual awareness of a persons strengths and vulnerabilities allows authentic leaders to concentrate on organization, team, and marketplacesnot their self. Leaders have to take their ego away and move into an authentic contribution to the growth of the company. In fact am extremely ambitious about the growth of my team as well as a company that I work for in my career. Authentic leaders have to be everything that constitutes them without omitting even a single thing or character. In every human being, there is good and bad, light and shadow, love and hate. Also, I have much trust about my leadership quality, and that is why am very dedicated to serving my organization. Due to this, I have to be fair and consistent with people who work at my company (Daskal, 2017). As a leader also have a vision for my career as well as for my group as a whole. This has much influenced my career as I have set goals and objectives that guide me to attain my vision.

Also, I believe I have good communication skills that have to enable to me to speak to my seniors as well as my juniors. People can perform well if they understand issues. As a leader, I have to be open to listening to ideas and concerns from employees as a way of gaining more support from them. To be able to communicate effectively, I have learnt both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. When the company is down or experiencing an economic downfall, I have to communicate such issues with my colleagues to take the necessary actions. This is because I believe it my responsibility to ensure that everyone in my organization works as a team to facilitate the growth of a company (Leonard, 2012). As a leader, I have to understand that being accountable for all my actions and employees are also responsible for their actions. The organization should co-exist; hence it is my responsibility to ensure that workers know what they should be doing. As a leader, I should say my core purpose in this world, and this will ensure I always keep on pushing for my dreams. Also, have to work closely with my co-workers to ensure we work towards attaining our primary purpose in life. I believe I have the responsibility of mentoring junior and young people around me to ensure they become useful people in the society.



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