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Steve jobs, the founder of apple and Jeff Bezos, the CEO of amazon have been constantly compared in terms of their lives, leadership styles, business and innovation among others. An analysis of the duo results in various comparisons and contrasts that would help in drawing vital information about them.

Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs share several similarities that make them stand out in their respective businesses and contribute to the growth of their companies.

Both of them have a high intelligence quotient over their emotional intelligence. They are geniuses when it comes to the creation of new products or services and forecasting or creating the future. Bezos saw the need for professional online businesses to be done in future that would encourage intercontinental business transactions thereby creating amazon while Steve Jobs saw the need for a more efficient, high quality electronic devices for customers with better security features among others hence the need for apple products. However, empathy is not within their power as both of them have in one way or another mistreated their employees.

Both have built their companies culture around experimentation and innovation. They believe that putting yourself out of business would provide room for constant innovation through the creation of new products or services or establishment of better systems and processes for their organizations.

They created their companies basing on their vision of the future of the world. Steve jobs made it with the iPhone while Jeff Bezos made it with BlueOrigin aerospace company. The processes they adopted in building their companies shows that they believe in the power of small teams.

They are ruthless when it comes to market penetration, especially a new market that has huge potential. Jobs threatened the founders of Dropbox and tried to buy the company telling them to accept his offer or he destroys them with a similar product, thereby coming up with the iCloud. Bezos is also known for his unwavering force of driving his competitors out of business.

Differences also exist between the two that still make them stand out in their projects and business endeavors.

Jobs was excellent at branding. He knew how to establish a really strong brand that would appeal to people and they would be willing to pay more than two or three times for the product. On the other hand, Bezos is good at marketing the company through attaching quality on the prices of their products and ensuring convenience of their systems making them attracted to the larger market.

Bezos understands technology more than jobs. He is a computer scientist by trade, while jobs were more business oriented with no specialization in the tech field.

Their companies were focused on different goals to crack in the market. Bezos emphasizes on low product prices while jobs focused on the product quality irrespective of the prices. However, both moves attracted more customers to their products and services enhancing their growth.

Jobs was involving. He wanted to be part and parcel of every small detail of any new product or platform that was being established and created by the apple company. Bezos, on the other hand, has his staff the freedom to create and launch any new products or services that they might come up with without involving him in every small detail.

Therefore, comparing the duo provides us with a great understanding of how different leadership styles work and can create totally different and prosperous organizations.

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