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Climate change is the long-term alteration in the weather patterns of a particular region. It involves the whole deal change in the atmosphere parts of a given territory. The ecological change includes the augmentation in the levels of carbon dioxide and the impacts of the planetary boundaries. Climate change mainly commences with the diminishing of temperature levels on the surface of the earth. The natural change incorporates the alteration in average temperature, precipitation rates, change in warm and bright conditions and the areas of an unnatural climate change. Ecological change along these lines induces the normal change in climatic states of a territory for an expanded period. Climate change consists of the very original planetary boundary. Planetary boundaries are thus one of the most understood boundaries of all the nine conventional boundaries. Land use, ocean acidification, fresh water and biodiversity limits significantly affect the rate of the climate change in a region (Stocker, 2014).

Aspects of climate change include a change in rainfall amounts, change in average temperature, change in sunny and warm conditions and the aspects of global warming. Climate change thus implies the average change in weather conditions of a region for an extended period. Green house effect and the emission of the carbon dioxide trap into the earths surface and warm the planet. The increased human activities and the frequent burning of the fossil fuels in a region result in the imbalance that facilitates climate change. The imbalance change is however measured using the real accuracy test, which cannot be conducted on the other planetary boundaries.

Global warming is one of the primary aspects of climate change. Global warming cause's climate change issues that affect the living conditions of human beings. A typical temperature alteration is one of the usual reasons for atmosphere. It includes the expansion in the temperature experienced in a region because of the nursery impact brought about by an upsurge in the levels of chlorofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide in the earth.

The atmosphere in a territory influences the well-being and living status of the people living in the district. An unnatural weather change causes skin diseases and diverse ailments, for example, malignancy, which influences the expectations for everyday comforts of individuals in the zone. The expansion in the ozone depleting substance generation in an area expands the temperature levels of the locale bringing about a dangerous atmospheric deviation. The most well-known nursery gasses that outcome in the advancement of the critical atmospheric deviation incorporate methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. The overabundance creation of such gasses brings about the expansion of the temperature levels making the area unseemly for a human living (Head, Adams, McGregor & Toole, 2014).

The study focuses on the determination of the various climate change factors and the impacts of climate change in the Australian economy. The key issues handled in the survey include the humanity sustainability, climate change in Australia, globalization and disaster impacts on the climate change and planetary boundaries in the region. The study also examines the causes of climate change and the various solutions to climate change.

Sustainability of the earth surface, the planetary boundaries, and the climate change is paramount since it leads to the betterment of the human life. Planetary boundaries are closely related to the different human activities conducted in a region. The type and the mode of the human resource use in an area affect the nature of the planetary boundaries and thus must be adequately regulated. The collective waste production and resource use by people substantially affect the boundaries. Waste generation and the use of the different resources such as land and mines exposes the boundaries resulting in climate change in the region.

Furthermore, the human population has greatly facilitated the development of the climate change in the various parts of the world. Increase in the human population results in the overexploitation of the available natural resources in the area thus exposing the earth surface. This exposure affects the planetary boundaries leading to the development of climate change. The relationship between ht e human activities, the planetary boundaries, and climate change has thus been greatly discussed in different parts of the world. According to human geography, the human activities should be formulated in a manner that it results in human satisfaction and does not lead to the over the destruction of the various resources available in an area.

Countries like China have thus formulated different policies to regulate the growth of the human population and to conserve the resources. These policies have helped prevent the increment of the impacts of the climate change in the area. China formulated the one child policy in 1979 to ensure the reduction and the control of the highly growing population in the region. This has provided the number of the decrease in the exploitation of the resources like land and the speedy increment of the climate change in the area. It is therefore very essential that every country across the globe embrace such policies and focus on the protection of the resources and the reduction of the climate change impacts in the regions. Every state should adopt a one-child policy to ensure the population of the area is capable of utilizing the resources appropriately and does not trigger adverse climate change (Stocker, 2014).

Sustainability of the environment helps in the prevention of the occurrence of the adverse climate change. Sustainability not only focuses on the distribution and use of the resources but the growth of the population. Sustainability is only achieved when equilibrium exists between the people and the resources utilization and distribution in a region. The future thus requires fast and efficient strategies to ensure sustainability. The government and the responsible agencies should thus guarantee the adoption of the population control policies that provide the equilibrium between the use and distribution of resources and the population growth. The governments should thus prioritize and initiate the use of contraceptives and the one child policy to regulate the people in the future.

Climate change has been greatly debated in Australia according to the reports released CSIRO in 2013. According to the reports, the country will experience extreme heat and hotter conditions because of the climate change. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology postulated the significant increase in temperature values, a higher rate of bush fires, floods, and droughts.

The southeastern Australia have experienced increased in the urban population. The water sources in the region have substantially depleted with the little uptrend in rainfall. The persistent and the prolonged drought in the area coupled with the population increase have resulted in the rising demand for the resources and the depletion of the water sources.

How is the climate predicted to change and what are the likely impacts?

Climate change in a region is determined based on the behavior of both the plants, animals and the various natural resources in the area. The movement of different birds and animals from one region to the other is an indication of a possible climate change and is thus one of the main factors used to predict climate change.

The difference in the levels of water in the oceans and the seas in the various regions indicate a possible shift in the climate of the area. The temperature changes in a given area are also one of the main factors used to ensure the perfect prediction of the climate change in the region.

Nevertheless, climate change has different impacts on both the living conditions of the human beings in the regions and the behavioral changes of the various natural resources in the area. Excessive emission of the carbon dioxide gas and the greenhouse effect in a region results in the development of different diseases such as the kin rushes and cancer, which are fatal and dangerous towards the development and growth of any population. Negative climate change also results in adverse impacts on crop production and thus a shortage of human food in a region. This affects not only the survival rate of people but also the social and economic sustainability of a region.

Will climate change affect people equally within each place and between the two places, you have selected?

Climate change affects people differently from different locations. The effects of the climate change on individuals depend on the skin complexion and the rate of climatic variations in the given region. The southwestern region and the southeastern region of Australia experience different weather conditions. The rainfall patterns and the temperature of the regions are very different. The individuals from the different regions thus experience differences in the climate change impacts because of the variations in the atmospheric conditions. Different persons in the same areas also experience differences concerning the climate change because of the body adaptation to such conditions.

The Australian government has encouraged the planting of the various trees and other plans to ensure the regulation of the environment. The government and the various environmental agencies in the region have also conducted various public awareness forums to educate the public on the measures and ways of conserving and protecting the environment. The government has also enhanced technology to facilitate the regulation of the greenhouse gases in the region and to reduce the emission of the carbon dioxide within the country.

Globalization is one of the key factors that trigger the development of climate change in the different parts of the world (Ekstrom, 2015). Australia has a healthy consuming economy that attracts different entrepreneurs from other parts of the world. The movement by individuals from one place of the world to the other result in the exchange of various trading behaviors, emission of gases and over-population of a region. Globalization is the integration of the various states, organizations and the people and is mainly facilitated by the international trade. Globalization is a major concern in the world and helps in shaping the economic development of the various regions across the globe. It is very imperative since it ensures the increase in the volume of trade among the individuals from the different regions of the world. China and the United Arabs Emirates are some of the states that have greatly benefited from the impacts of globalization. The presence of highly developed facilities such as technology and the airlines in the countries have significantly facilitated smooth movement from one region of the world to the other. Both the states have thus experienced constant and steady population growth because of the surplus production and availability of commodities and the improved living standards of the residents of the countries. Globalization facilitates the movement of goods and services from one part of the world to the other. It makes the world operate like a village market. Globalization enables the interaction of the various individuals from one region to the other and thus can lead to the over population of a region depending on the demand for the various commodities.

Moreover, globalization also increases the level of food and industries in a region. The increase in the rate of trade in a region ensures the provision of the surplus commodities. It also results to increase interaction among the business individuals thus leading to the development of multicultural practices and the de...

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