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It is common to have someone who has ever been hacked in the current society. The process of hacking has always infiltrated most of the systems and people primarily due to the increase in the number of computer use. Now that the current world is more exposed to the computers and the hackers, it is common to meet so many people who have ever been hacked by people who in almost all the cases are unknown. This assignment examines the steps I use to protect my personal information from the hackers.

One of the best ways to prevent hacking is the use of hardware that is installed with sufficient security features. This kind of device is mostly being developed, and it is not possible to have bugs infiltrate such hardware. The latest version of the Windows operating system is one of such security measure that helps me to protect my personal information from the hackers. Sadly, the work of hackers involves looking for one single unit and investing in it to find means of hacking. This means that I would have to look at all the possible weaknesses the hackers may use to access my personal information which is not always meant for the public consumption.

I would be preventing access to my personal information by doing what the hackers would do to my personal information. The interest of the hackers is to access my personal information and I would my stolen personal information to trace them and to find ways of blocking the hackers somehow. This is like giving the hackers a portion of their services. This is, however, a complicated process since the action may create a reaction that may attack other systems due to the chaos that arises due to this response. However, this is a good move that has been considered by most businesses as a right way to prevent hacking. Back hack will not only reveals the identity of the hacker but will also explain information and the processes used.

I would also avoid open internet connection as much as possible. This kind of public relationships would in most cases expose my devices to most hackers who may use the same as the bait to find computers to hack. It is a fact that everyone loves free things like the internet but of what essence is such free stuff when they would lead to a risk of exposure to dangerous people whose interest may be to destroy or perhaps access peoples personal information.

In conclusion, hacking is a dangerous process to most computer users all over the globe. The most dangerous thing about hacking is the access to the personal information that is often regarded private. I think the ideas presented in the paper used in this assignment mainly focus on hacking by looking at the various issues that surround the process but do not focus on the process itself. The explanation of what happens during hacking is not in any way clear. However, the work looks at what makes computers vulnerable and another essential aspect of hacking like the possible people performing this act and the breaches present. I think that this work is relevant as it opens the mind to the issue of hacking in the broader scope by creating a more comprehensive view and understanding of this matter.

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