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This paper seeks to identify executable strategies which should be adopted by the communication studies program at the University of Tennessee, to become the best program in the country. Throughout the process, the following project parameters are into account. Consider a whole financial plan, planetary, and personnel requirements. The paper also aims to explain the thought process behind both redesigns of the program as well as how the plan is to be implemented. Last but not the least, a PowerPoint slide show that presents the recommendations that will lead to the attainment of the program's primary goal (how to become the single best communication program in the entire country) is included.

Communication plays a significant role in every career choice. Successful people need to know how to express themselves spontaneously, self-assuredly and briefly but on point. Its all about enlightenment, entertainment and eventual capture of the listener through words. Proper communication is the basis of leadership in any field. An efficient communication program should be able to prepare students for leadership roles as well as the active expression of their ideas to the world. The program should also have a well-defined vision of attracting students who want to make high impact and commendable changes in their lives, societies and the world as a whole. A proper program should have clear and defined goals such as: identifying the present form of social affairs. Secondly, a practice of decent communique at professional and personal level. Students under the program should be able to esteem the multiplicity of other people from different societies in various parts of the world. Also, they should be able to speak about community problems across numerous podiums. Moreover, they should be able to efficiently express their ideas through both old-fashioned and newfangled mass media.

The communication program at the University of Tennessee will be improved through distinctiveness in teaching and research methods. The faculty members of this program must be the best in the entire university. They should also have coast-to-coast and intercontinental statuses as specialists in diverse areas of communique studies. Members of the faculty in this program should use experimental methods to explore important social issues. For a program to be ranked as the best, it has to prepare students for the real world of business, science, non-profit, education, basically every career. Therefore the program should feature a stretchy syllabus that allows majors to combine the first course dispersed necessities and electives to create an exclusive strategy of education to concoct them for the actual world. Areas of emphasis should include, Tactical message creation and show business, support and societal politicking, digital communique and new broadcasting, communication well-being as well as organizational plus relational communication. Students should combine new areas of study custom-made for distinct benefits. Beneficiaries of this communication studies program should also be given a gamble to partake investigational edification to proceed with an exceptional combination of both model and exercise. More departmental awards and speech contests will encourage both the faculty members and the students under the communication program perform extremely well. This step makes sure that members of faculty strive to achieve the best whereas speech contests better students with strong communication skills express their ideas. Regarding the scope, the program should be comparatively minor by the scheme for example, by maintaining as low as thirty graduate students. This offers a luxury in individualized programs. As a result equipment and resources are not strained on a larger group of students thereby efficiency in learning. Moreover, there is an extensive student-faculty interaction thus yielding higher academic results. Regarding time frame the program should come up with a defined period within which students under the program must have completed their communication study course. For example a period of say four years for masters students and five years for undergraduate students. Placement of students in the program should involve a thorough process whereby qualified, talented students from all over the world are considered. Also, graduates from other disciplines such as Sociology and Psychology should be considered.

A realistic budget is the basis of any successful program. Financial controllers of the program have the chief accountability of creating and communicating financial strategies, growth procedures, supervise functioning finances and overall duty for control of commercial resources. There should be appropriate monitor and progress of the program modest as approved by the board of executors of government institutes of advanced learning. Misappropriation of resources is avoided through the use of distinct conservative organization unit for precise line-item. The financial plan administrator must ensure proper records procedures are followed, and only legal expenses are charged to an account, Budget reviews are necessary when an essential expenditure item classification goes above financial plan, or definite proceeds are deficient to shield estimated expenses. The platform should, therefore, have a financial plan modification application method which will allow alteration affecting only the final fiscal year. At all

Periods facility associates are stimulated to evade the presence of deprived organization of assets as well as the realism of unfortunate running of resources. For proper segregation of responsibilities and core control, all tracking down requirements ought to be started and sign up by an employee, and permitted by the administrator.

Another parameter is a real space. Research and advanced training entail a substantial sum of substructure comprising workroom and place of a work area. The program should follow the guidelines given for allocation of research space based on the multiplicity of the requirements. This is made possible by understanding how research space is used. Having qualitative and measurable metrics and approaches in place will help the communication program put the research to optimum utilization and deal with the projected needs. However, fiscal measures should only be one part of the global valuation of examination cosmos production distribution and obligation. The following Elementary metrics should be recognized to offer the program a mutual technique for gauging research space practice. First over-all outwardly-supported research spending. Secondly, overall study outflows irrespective of backing source and last but not least unintended prices dollar bill per square fit. Other significant actions of production to contemplate include the superiority and influence of the study being steered. The arrangement of the investigation work with the planned significances of the database and the sum of students membership in the education. Moreover, the section of energy devoted to research and exploration activity sustained by outdoor awards. The last but not least the sort of study led in the space.

Massive alumni involvement is another step to take to achieve the programs goal. The program should involve alumni associations communications, expansion, advertising and similar areas. Whereas the emphasis of this resource is enlargement and fundraising actions, the connection with alumni relation is necessary and repeatedly a part of the same constituent part. Without healthy Alumni families, the vision pool will is condensed, and your likelihoods of noteworthy fundraising accomplishment are compromised. Alumni have the likely to be your utmost reliable and substantial enthusiasts. The program should include the entire groups' alumni that are, the graduates, all former students who ruined to complete studies, retired workforce as well as other acquaintances. Alumni relationship is a vital part of an organizations development events for many explanations. First, alumni are an establishments most dependable devotees and are fundraising predictions. Secondly, alumni produce irreplaceable talk of mouth advertising among their conventional and proficient networks. By charming alumni, an Institute ensures the profit from their expertise and familiarity. Moreover, alumni are inordinate role models for existing scholars and are frequently well positioned to bid concrete funding to students as they begin their occupations. Alumni are habitually in the place to involve the know-how of the body in their proficient lives. The programs alumni are its intercontinental diplomats. They take their acquaintance of your institute to their home base and nations and into their specialized and societal linkages. By aiding the organization converts bigger, more robust and more prosperous, alumni are also improving the worth of their degree prerequisite.

For the communication studies program at the University of Tennessee to become the single best communication program in the country, there must be distinctiveness in how it carries out its activities. Such include, a unique high alumni involvement, proper budget allocation as well as ample research and learning space and equipment for scholars. Employment of a dedicated body of faculty members who are nationally and inter continentally known to be academics and specialist in their fields (communication) will also help attain the set goal.



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