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This is a job opening that I want to make an application. It is a full-time regular job situated at Long Island City, New York.

When searching for this job opening, I used three sources that include,, and I settled on these three sources as my search tools because of the following reasons. The three of them offer aggregate postings from other countless job sites. For instance, they aggregate that of Journalism jobs, Monster, and CareerBuilder just to name a few. Equally, their website is easier to use. One can search a job opening using a zip code, city or state hence easy to narrow down to a particular title, job type or by salary. You can also filter and save any searches for later own use. The most helpful things about these three sources include; I choose indeed merely because it is the most modern and comprehensive search engine. It has unique features that most of us job seekers ought to know while finding these jobs. One unique feature is that it indicates the salary needs of all the posts on its website even though salaries were not included by the employers during the advertisement. They meet this unique job feature through doing market salaries estimates for a million other similar jobs in that locality and across the nation. Another feature that indeed has over many other search sources is that it offers multiple positions that cut across over 60 countries including 28 languages. Thus, it serves more than 200 million population across the globe hence ranking number amongst number one source that most employs advertise their job openings. It equally helps one to post his or her resume online for recruiters to view it I also consider this site to be of help to most job seekers since it gives its users that ability to research for a job vacancy and compare it with other marketplace benefits and salaries characterized by such areas as skill, experience, and city. In some instances, the site gives salary information of that particular employer advertising that job vacancy. I give favor equally to this site over the others because it consists of slick features that most other sites lack. It has the best mobile apps in the industry that seamlessly integrates with its web version hence saving one hell of the time in searching previous searches. It is a made in a way that gives mobile solutions sites access quickly from the comfort of an individual's mobile device. It equally offers charts that depict occupation trends, industry trends, and geographical trends.

While searching for the vacancy of Senior Accountant Corporate Accounting, all these three sites gave all the required information that I wanted. As a job seeker, I was satisfied with the information they presented to me regarding my job vacancy opening.

From the three sites, I choose the job opening on Senior Accountant Corporate Accounting. In summary, the job description of this job opening includes; under this position, one will be responsible for accurate and timely preparation of any assigned account reconciliations and journal entries that will ensure the integrity of both internal and external reporting. Individually, the senior accountant will work on an inventory of aircraft spare parts which will include depreciation/obsolescence, maintenance of aircraft and repair expense and accruals. All these will be required to be run, and a month-end report and queries from TRAX and SAP be provided. Finally, the senior accountant will be tasked with recommending any improvements to the efficiency of accounting timeliness and processes of deliverables.

I chose to search and apply for the position of Senior Accountant Corporate Accounting because of not being a comfortable and well-paying job but because of the following reasons;

Under the position of senior accountant, the work I will be doing will be so engaging. The engaging work will draw me closer, always hold my attention and give me a sense of flow in my job as a senior accountant.

It gives the freedom to decide on how I ought to do my work and guarantee me a definite task to a variety work.

I tend to believe that through this position, I will work to help others in the company since accounting is seen to be the nerve of operation in the company.

I prefer this position because it has been my goal to be an accountant hence this vacancy will give me the freedom to work on my lifetime goal.

The experiences that have prepared for me into this position is that of having excellent written and verbal communication skills, detail oriented and attaining a bachelor degree in Accounting with three years of working experience. Apart from the above, I will bring the organization analytical skills, researching skill and digital skills that will be of great asset to the company. Learning is a continuous process hence still I hope to learn more about the culture of the company be appropriate to exhibit high behavioral standards, safety management components and policies. Some of the things that am unsure of are how to identify some safety issues, concerns, and hazards under this company of JetBlue that deals with Safety Action Report (SAR) and Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

The average salary for the position of Senior Accountant Corporate Accounting is $60250 per year under the locality of Long Island City, NY. Compared to other regions, it is a 14% below the national average of other senior accountants in different states and towns.

What surprised me most is that these three sites gave me a chance to compare my salary with other accountants in different towns and states. It is now easier to know which city or state pays well regarding wages in your area of specialization.


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