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Do I use think-aloud to make reading and writing processes explicit SeldomDo I provide adequate guided practice Usually

Do I provide opportunities for application Usually

Do I integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking - Usually

Teaching practices: Comprehension/study skills

Do I build background and active prior knowledge Often

Do I set or encourage the setting of purposes Often

Do I prevent a variety of comprehension strategies Often

Do I teach monitoring/strategic reading often

Do I provide adequate practice/application often

Teaching practices: Word recognition

Do I provide systematic instruction in major skill areas: phonics, context clues, syllabication, morphemic analysis. Dictionary skills often

Do I provide systematic instruction in use of major clueing systems: phonological, syntactic, semantic often

Do I encourage the use of variety of decoding strategies often

Do I provide opportunity for students to read widely, so skills become automatic oftenTeaching practices: content area

Do I use high-quality content area texts - usually

Do I supplement content area texts with informal books and non print materials Never

Do I provide texts on appropriate levels of difficulty or make adjustments often

Do I provide skills and strategies necessary to learn from informational texts often

Teaching practices: Writing

Do I encourage self selection of topics Seldom

Do I use a process approach Often

Do I provide guided instructions in writing strategies Often

Do I provide frequent opportunities for writing often

Do I provide opportunities to compose in a variety of forms often


Do I use a variety of print materials - often

Do I use a variety of non-print materials Seldom

Do I adapt materials to students needs often

Do I provide materials for slow as well as bright students Usually

Do I evaluate materials before using them Usually


Do I set goals and objectives (standards) for the program usually

Do align standards (objectives) and assessment often

Do I screen students and monitor progress often

Do I collect formal and informal data to use as a basis for evaluating programs oftenDo I encourage self-assessment often

Do I assess data collection instruments regarding validity and reliability often

Do I assemble a portfolio for each student often

Do I share assessment data with students and parents often

Do I use assessment data to improve instruction for each student and to improve the program often


Do I provide for individual indifferences often

Do I use variety of grouping strategies often

Do I use time and materials efficiently often

Analyzing the actions of the teacher, much attention is given to reading and writing strategies taught to the student. The teacher engages the children by teaching them strategies for comprehension and good writing skills. Also, the teacher screens the materials before giving the students to ensure the content texts are of high quality. During an evaluation, the teacher sets standards upon which the students are evaluated. Data is also collected to help gauge the assessment process. After evaluation, the data recorded about students are shared with both the parents and students to help them in working hard during the next phase of learning. Finally, the organization is important for the teacher as no time is wasted. Also, students are organized and handled regarding brightness and slowness.



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