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What Is Revealed About Human Nature (from Genesis 1-2)?

From the book of Genesis, chapter one and two, it states that creation of human nature was initiated so that it will be dominant creatures that reside and dwell among God's creations. Notably, in chapter two of Genesis talks of the first man to be created by the name Adam. He was to be given power and responsibility for other creations. He, in fact, starts to name all other animals. The Lord gave Adam commands of influencing, exploring and experiencing all the pleasures of His creatures (The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New, 1658). Therefore, the directives and the actions in witnessing life indicates the revealing of human nature. By the close of Chapter two of Genesis, it the fact that human nature's ideal is to conform to the Lord' word and Him. Obedience is deemed to be the idea behind God's intention for human beings create.

What Are The Consequences of the Fall For Human Nature (from Genesis 3)?

The book of Genesis chapter three, we get an understanding of what is required of human nature. Equally, this chapter acknowledges disobedience and immorality hence try to inform us on how we should face and tackle if they befall us. Under this reading, Satan who is equated as the evil one is seen to be informed of a serpent and tries his luck to persuade Eve to break what God commanded them not to eat. The persuasion is from the forbidden tree of knowledge that God disallowed them from plucking and eating. The serpent tricked Eve that if she could eat the tree, she will know what is evil and good thus gaining power equivalent to that of God (The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New, 1658). Eve fall to the traps of Satan. She equally influenced Adam to eat the fruit hence disobeying God. As a result of their actions of disobedience to the Lord, they run and hide from the face of God (Lecture 3. 2017). The Lord with the act of utter, he reminds them of the consequences of eating the fruit, He ejects them from His presence and Garden of Eden. The consequences that befall on the man after disobedience to God was to work and eat by their sweat on digging land. Results of acts of sabotage to women were to bear children with agony and pain. The women would also be helpers to men. Hardship life was to headline the human race across the generations. Death was also introduced as wages of sin (DiVincenzo, 2014). The serpent also was cursed not to be able to walk; it will forever glide under dirt using its belly.

What is revealed about human purpose from the readings? What does it mean for humans to flourish, in other words, to achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being?

By going through all the readings, it is justifiable that human race's purpose was intended to look after the Garden of Eden. They were required to allow the garden to blossom and continue fruiting in plenty. Equally, they were purposeful meant to live a happy life under the presence of God. Nonetheless, when the humans did fall from the grace of Lord, they did not only unethical fail to this purpose, but also led to a man being more vulnerable than they thought and made their life subsequently tricky. All along the turmoil and struggles that acts of sins bring among the human race, the new purpose to humanity is to solely rely on the Lord and build faith with is strong. With this new mission, the human race will achieve one being emotional, faithful, spiritual and mental wellbeing that that only results in having a relationship with God throughout their mortal life (Shuster, 2013).

How might these questions about human nature, purpose, and flourishing be answered by those holding a pantheistic or atheistic (choose one) worldview?

Globally, we have different approaches and definitions that will emanate from various worldviews on fall of humanity, human nature and purpose of life to humans (DiVincenzo, 2014). Among those who hold different views are atheistic and pantheistic.

The pantheistic worldview only foresees and worship the creative idea. They just subscribe to creation. In their worldview, worshippers are inevitable that men will in someday go back to the place they originated from. The pantheistic also believe that God's creatures should live in harmony. For instances, animals and plants should coexist peacefully and act friendly towards one another only because in a while a reborn might occur of either animal or plant. Thus, all the creatures that God created ought to live together with no issues with human nature. Peace should be embraced amongst the creations hence God will continuously help them to progress their spirit of life on earth.

On the hand, atheist worldview is founded on evolutionist and humanistic theories. These two arguments do no heed to beliefs of creation and God. The atheist accepts as accurate that human nature evolved to become a man. Thus, this man has grown and advanced in all his or her affairs in this universe. The atheist does not subscribe to the original sin nor humanity falling. They subsequently do not acknowledge that there is hell or heaven, nor afterlife. They only believe that life should be lived according to someone's wants and pleasures.


1st Scene indicates a woman feeling dejected and worn-out

Woman- I have been in Texas for about ten years. I was trafficked by drug lords ten years ago to come and work for my boss. I work as a bar attendant and sometimes forced to engage in prostitution.

The screen splits, and the boss is seen dishing out a considerable amount of money to some drug lords who have brought in more trafficked girls to Texas

Woman continues- I have no idea how these people bypass all the securities put in place and hijack, steal and traffic people to this town without being detected by any agency that deals with anti-trafficking both here in Texas

A woman goes to do her assigned duties. The boss looks up and starts to speak.

Boss- I am unable to stop this act of trafficking people across the world. If I end, I will fall apart since it forms part of my massive investment. Thus, if am to stop this business, I will run of cash. It is like entertaining poverty. I have a family who looks at me. They need my support financially from this kind of business am doing. Sometimes I think of innocent girls that are being trafficked daily and get separated from their families and sympathize with them. I feel wrong, but I have no power over it. I have to work and look for money. This girl being trafficked are a source of income to my business. They work for me as bar attendants. Equally, they engage in my booming business of prostitution. A lot of my men client come and hire them from me for prostitution at a reasonable fee. Although I do gain substantially, I too pay them considerably. Am not the only one gaining, both of us do earn financially. How I pray that our Lord will be of help to me stop this business. But I fear to let go. Am torn apart, what should I do? I won't even share this issue of trying to stop human trafficking with my family because they advocate for my business. I feel sometimes am not doing the right thing. My life and that of my family is a lie.

The screen displays a church. A pastor is in front and starts speaking.

Pastor- Texas is well known in the history of America to have the highest human trafficking cases in America. The woman is the most trafficked among the genders. Types of trafficking in Texas include; labor, sex, domestic and agriculture trafficking. Reported cases here in Texas for the past one year indicates that 3226 cases of human trafficking have been reported, 33y have asked for crisis assistance. Thus, human trafficking is a real problem under our state. This act of trafficking dehumanizes people. It brings onto trafficked people a feeling of hopelessness and dejection. Those who do smuggling at times feel an urge of stopping. The act of trafficking to offenders hinders them from coming out and seeking help from the church and authorities on how to aid in arresting this act and relieving these women and men of God put under sex and labor trafficking. I say today that God is always there for you human traffickers. God's mercy is upon you. He will forgive you. Human smuggling and feeling guilty can be replaced by only pursuing higher ideals that are accessible to whoever seeks them. Sometimes, it may be thick for you who think of stopping this lucrative business of human trafficking, but the real wisdom which is dependable and reliable is founded when one aligns himself or herself with the will of God.

The screen shows Texas sunset.



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