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The Coca-Cola Company is beverage firm that is based in the United States that acts as a manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of non-alcoholic drink concentrates and syrups with multinational operations. The company is famous for its product Coca-Cola that was discovered in 1886 by John Stitch Pemberton, a pharmacist. In addition to the Coca-Cola beverage, the company has more than five hundred brands spread in two hundred territories and earns more than 1.6B servings daily (Albert,Werhane & Rolph, 2014). The company headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia US with its stock listed on the NYSE and partly DJIA, S& P 500 index to name a few.

Proposal of New Division

The customer markets continue to enlarge in the food and drink industry especially during corporate and ceremonial events; therefore off-premise fruit juice service is a very significant business subdivision of the original non-alcoholic beverage company. Initially, fruit juice services were exceptionally left out to the service provider and the restaurant's individuals only. The service providers had an advantage over the restaurant's owners since they were not subjected to complicated nuances of control advanced restaurants activities.

In order to efficiently satisfy the clients desires, the company will embrace the following factors: safety of drinks, customers preferences, flexibility and creativity, leadership, motivation, financial preparation, administration, marketing and keenness to detail in each order. Fruit juice is majorly about drinks made from various fruits, to provide quality drinks blending experience is crucial to come up with recipe substitutions instantly, safe preparations, and transportation of large amounts of drinks. An excellent fruit juice company should be aware of the Food and Drug Administration laws and comply with them. The company will work closely with the clients to be aware of their preferences in terms of ingredients. The staff will be required to be courteous, tactful and portray diplomacy. Good communications and personal skills are essential to building up a rapport clients.

For some scenarios, the recipes will require being adjusted to deal with allergies and blending techniques that may need alternations to adhere to individual preferences. The company has workers with flexible personality to step in these situations which will ultimately increase the customers confidence. The company has an excellent leadership team which is aware of the clients schedules, location, serving norms and food safety control (Harrison & Marske, 2005). The company will be responsible for some decorations, table organization, and drink presentations. Setting up, managing and clearing the dining room is the role of the fruit juice service organization. This is a critical part that the organization can either impress the clients and their guests (potential clients in future). The company will focus on particular challenges and demands in the fruit juice services to make the difference between the failure and success in its operations.

The fact that the brand Coca-Cola is vast in many nations this will offer an added competitive advantage to the Fruit juice services division. Mostly the clients are mainly interested in the product and services of a company that has been in existence for an extended period. The Coca-Cola organization has been in existence for more than one hundred and thirty years. Since the company will be focused to provide the best services to the clients, this will translate to trust and emotional bonding of the brand that has been in existence.

Instant services are crucial psychological factors required in the Fruit juice market. When the company adds the Fruit juice business to its usual operations and focus on the clients market a point of differentiation is defined on the basis of language since fruit juice services is an additional away from the location service experience for the brand. As a result, the quickness in the service delivery will offer the company fruit juice services added advantage over the rest. The vision of the fruit juice services will be: to provide particular client value with a concentration in service delivery of highest quality by adhering to the customer's desires and to be recognized as the preferred supplier by giving fair and stable solutions.

Business Model

The companys fruit juice services will have an online service that would enable clients to make orders from any location in the world. The company will employ a team of diverse and experienced event planners, and system operators who they will always be available on the occasion date. We will offer a menu that accommodates different types of fruit juices form almost all fruits and cocktails. The company will offer full-service custom fruit juice services for a wide variety of corporate, individuals and college-related events. Additionally, we will offer our services to weddings, galas, birthday parties and fundraising to name a few. The company will have esteemed stuff that will work diligently with the clients to manage every detail of the occasion. All aspects of the incident will be put into consideration to maximize success and satisfaction: fruit juice presentations, decorations, linens, flowers, tents and lights system.

Mission and Vision Alignment

The Coca-Cola Companys mission is to provide refreshment to the world, inspire feelings of happiness and reinforce optimism as well as make a difference in peoples lives. Providing fruit juice services, primarily to social events promotes pushes forward the companys mission to provide refreshment to the world. Additionally, the idea is in line with the companys objective of creating inspiring moments and happiness in the community. Since off-premises fruit juice services are involved in providing services to a community event, it enables individuals to share memorable moments and create fond memories in connected to their loved ones. It adds value to social connections, such that when the services are hired, the event will indefinitely be different from one where the services are excluded. The services will bring the company closer to realizing its vision to inspire people to have the best experiences and be their own best versions. The services will involve providing a world quality beverage to ordinary social events making them special and memorable. Finally, the service will continue to expand the customers network, building value, thus, pushing the Coca-Cola Companys vision closer to reality. Therefore, an offline fruit juice service perfectly aligns with the Coca-Colas mission and vision as it brings the companys values closer to the society.

Guiding Principles and Values

The off-site fruit juice service will be governed by Coca-Cola Companys operation guidelines. Its core culture will be aligned with the companys winning culture, instigating attitudes and behaviors among its employees which its values. The division will similarly be guided by Coca-Colas ethical values, aiming to create value for their customers and building relationships based on trust. It will enforce accountability among its workers for their actions and inactions and evolve from the feedback and outcomes depending on what worked and what failed. The division will be committed to not only promoting the companys brand but being a brand on its own, inspiring creativity, fun and optimism among its employees. In short, the division will aim at creating value for all stakeholders including consumers, staff, and shareholders.



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